Friday, May 30, 2008

hello again, my friends

hey, all living the simple life ... (or, in my case, trying not quite nearly my hardest) ....

two updates! yesterday i bought a couch! i don't have a picture of it yet ... but promise to post soon. it was a grand, $70 purchase from goodwill. in excellent shape, with non-obnoxious floral pattern (i despise those country styles) and tiny arms (i hate big rounded ones, they are tough on the neck and tough to fit through doorways). It will go upstairs in my room at the end of next week. Then I need to make plans to start putting the downstairs reading/yoga room together. i am so excited to have additional space! so far i've also earmarked the top shelf in the living room coat closet and extra shelf space in the bathroom for food stockpiling.

my basil plant is sprouting like crazy with hardly any attention from me ... the rosemary plant is going a bit slower, but it already has plenty of leaves that i can use. again, i promise ... pictures soon!

oh, yes ... ! the other thing: i bought a used "new" computer from Dell the other day ... it was under $400. i really needed something reliable for school, so i can't complain. george bush's economic stimulus check should cover that ... if i ever get it!

yesterday i did spend a couple of hours sorting through many piles of old clothing. i filled two bags and one box for goodwill!! yes!! i knew i could be ruthless! i still have too many clothes, in my opinion ... but i think once i go through some shoes and paperwork and other odds and ends, i'll have the space i'm needing so badly.

today i'm looking forward to a swim at an indoor pool and relaxing live music tonight.

peace and love to all of you ~~~~ karen

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

finally, another posting.

hey, all ...

so sorry it's been forever since i've posted. i'm getting my life together for this summer, when i start my Montessori school training. but mostly, i've just been trying to make do never being in my apartment, because with two people living here it's just too cramped and cluttered for me to handle. but i have so many plans for when my dear roommate leaves in just over another week! the "living room" with fireplace and two windows (a tiny room, indeed) will be my yoga/meditation/reading space. this week, i'm doing a major ruthless housecleaning, literally "getting RID" of a ton of extra clothes, plastic storage containers, etc. ... anything i really don't ever use, if i was honest with myself. i still have pack rat tendencies ... i want my living quarters to be simple, zen spaces, though. i want to only use what i will really genuinely use ... and give of the rest either to others (goodwill) or back to the enviro (recycling). other plans: making good use of enlarged pantry and fridge and cabinet space for food stockpiling (thanks to Rhonda's blog for all her good advice there), making up some homemade floor and all-purpose cleaners, possibly starting compost (though it's tricky in a tiny apartment), and also: riding my new bike more! well, i haven't ridden it at all yet. it was given to me by a friend, and just in time for gas prices to hit the ridiculous price of +$4/gallon. totally superfluous. and, since i'm not quite in the market for a new car (HYBRID!!) yet ... well, this will both tone my flab and be gentler on the wallet. this week i'll take it in for a tune-up, and then ... good to go! i'll bike everywhere i can, hopefully.

i'm sad that it's been so long since i've made a good post. i just have so much going on here, not to mention i need to buy myself a new computer so i use my roomie's when i can. i do still browse through all of the blogs i've linked here for inspiration! thank you for letting me do so, and for being so kind to each other and to our earth!

Here is a good book I recently started to read: Peace is Every Step. I bought mine through Amazon. It's got some great meditations in it.

I can't wait to be done for good with the second job waitressing at the end of next month. It'll definitely infuse my life with much more Quality Time!!! Knitting, reading, crafting ... ahhhh. I can't wait!

love to you all,