Sunday, May 26, 2013

26 may :: been too long

it's been a while.

i've been lazy with my camera, really, and it's a shame.

i miss this space, so i promise to be back soon to update it. in the meantime, spent only about 15 min total on the computer today. got a ton of food made, enjoyed the  gorgeous weather, and got a lot of knitting done. things here are winding down with school (seven school days left!) and i'm getting really excited for my upcoming trips to Asheville and Louisville. Summer will be full but super relaxing even with various wedding planning pieces going on.

we are having some issues with snoring keeping us apart at night. does anyone have solutions other than earplugs? i can NOT keep the plug things in my ear (i actually despise ear buds of any sort, finding them very uncomfortable) .... just wondering your advice.

hope you all are well ... xo

love and light --


Sunday, May 12, 2013

12 may :: sans image, just my thoughts right now.

wanting more ::

easy healthy eats
cuddle time with my two loves (one human, one canine)
time. for me.
crunchy (around us)

wanting less ::

pantry and fridge items
screen time (although I do well, i could do lots better)

there is overall a feeling of burnout. near-relief. desire to be "in the moment" despite the apparent untidiness of things/emotion. i feel in a messy artist creative phase. that's okay even if all i'm doing is dreaming, and knitting. i'm coming into my summer self? maybe. despite planning a wedding in our lazy-ish way. wanting always to be my best me, a better me, even an old version of me, of sorts. i love these (intro?)spective, let's just call them 'spective, times. stream of consciousness and glimpse into that ever-shimmering underworld we so rarely seem able to access. a quick peek into the things that keep it all humming that words just can't be put to, and the beauty so much it hurts because you know it's always there but your experience with it at. that. very. moment. is so fleeting. things are good but things are hard but then they're just okay and that's okay too. i like the middle place. i'll always take the tree-lined path. ours is certain but not imminent. we alternate between dreams and practicality, it's a bit like trying to ice skate and let go of the outer rail. we land where we must, and have a go. right now, it's right here, i'm trying to live in the little cozy nucleus of my round perfect self. if i can't stay, i'll come back someday soon. it just takes intention, even if it's in the heart and (as yet) unwritten. thank goodness for this holistic perspective i was blessed with. still so close to the spirit world, with my bare feet lightly treading this one. dare we say, dancing?