Sunday, June 26, 2011


some of my greatest inspirations. i don't normally post pictures of the children i've taught, but this is relvant to the topic at hand.

It's been a while since I've visited this space.

My, it's good to be back (I have been keeping up with most of YOUR posts!).

I'm going to be at school for two more weeks, finishing two out of three more classes toward my master's in education. Then vacationing for a couple of weeks in Connecticut and around New England.

There's a lot swirling around in my brain tonight, so I thought I'd share some of the thoughts in this sacred space.

I have been all but offered a Montessori position for the coming school year, in Louisville. However, it's not a lead position, it's an enormous paycut, and it's a long commute. I'm not a fan of any of those things, other than the fact that it may mean a lead teaching position for me after one year.

The thing is, before this fell in my lap I was all set mentally to take a year off. I mean it, to CHILL. That first year of teaching burned me out, for many reasons. I already have my sewing studio set up and ready to go in the new apartment. I was looking foward to spending more time with my sweetie, baking and cooking for him as he works full-time from home and finishes school on nights and weekends. Maybe picking up a part-time job at Whole Foods, or waitressing, or whatever. Or ....

I could go into business for myself. I have four years' experience working with young children, and I'm currently first-aid and child CPR-certified. I like to cook. (ok, LOVE!). I love to bake. I love to knit. When I learn it, I'm hoping I will love to sew. I love to make Montessori materials (hello, etsy?). I don't mind crafts if I have the right supplies and materials. I speak French. I love literature, and book clubs.

What if ....

I offered some or all of these services (other than the Montessori materials, which would be a side job) to people who homeschool their children? I could host small group sessions at their homes, or the public library, or another agreed-upon location. I could host and lead a book club. I could charge per session, or per week, or per school term. I could do day classes, or evenings. I could host a playgroup. When I learn how to sew, hopefully I could teach young ones how. All of it would be done within a Montessori framework - letting the child guide the lessons, giving freedom to explore tangents.

Voila, no long commute. No inflexible monday through friday job. Tons of variety. No burnout! Plenty of time to finish two 20-page papers, due October 1. (can you imagine cramming not only the papers, but searching for my sources and reading through research journals and books on WEEKENDS??)

I could always fill in the gaps with babysitting, or that part-time job I mentioned before.

For what I was going to make and the complaints that go with it, I could get this started and make at least that much, if not quite a bit more once it gets going (don't worry I'm not getting too lofty!).

It's scary as hell to think about being in business for myself. And yet ... it would make good use of my training, keep me working with children, and keep my passion for Montessori and early childhood alive and well.

What do you all think?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

temporary hiatus

Um, yeah. So I'm finishing up grad school and need I say the workload over the next three and a half weeks will be *very* intense?

I'll be back soon, and I'm sorry I'll need to be scarce. I'll try and read your blogs when I can/need to catch a break!

I'll leave you with just a few more Portland pics ... I'm off to the amazing swimming pool here and then ... doing LOTS of reading! I am taking a class on special education, one on research methods and writing, and another independent study where I'll have to write two major (read: 20 page!) papers on educational topics of my choosing. busy bee!

*the corn dogs are VEGAN!! no intelligent, wonderful pigs were harmed for the production of this blog post. :-) did you know pigs are even smarter than cats and dogs?

Love and light from Baltimore,


Monday, June 13, 2011

Changes and adventures

Here are two Portland pics for ya ... I won't even tell you how much I spent on vintage there!! ;-) The hula hooper is from the awesome Last Thursday Alberta street fair. That was amazing good fun! I could eat from the food carts every day!

and back home at last ....

a corner of the new apartment

This was going to be a long, detailed post, but time has gotten away from me this ONE week home in Louisville before heading off again!

This time, I'm headed east. To school for three and a half weeks, then on to a visit home in New England for two to three weeks.

Here is the latest news, then, in a nutshell.

I have been laid off my Montessori teaching position due to low enrollment. I am heartbroken over the children, but am trying to see this as an opportunity. Luckily, we still have Adam's salary and I'm still getting a paycheck for the next two months. So I can easily take August and maybe September completely OFF. I really need the break after all the stress of the past few months. I have some ideas ... some entrepreneurial, some as simple as working at the local Whole Foods and having time to sew. Adam will be in school full-time nights and working days so I'm really free to do whatever. I am actually looking at this as a time to hone up on my sewing skills, take banjo lessons, spend more time with Adam (he works from home days), and just rejuvenate myself and get my energy and spirit for teaching back.

I've spent this one week home doing some full-time babysitting (another option I'm looking into for the coming year, as well as subbing at area Montessori and Waldorf schools), and unpacking moving boxes so Adam feels settled into the place when I am gone. It was a long, hot, hard week, but most of it is done! I have my very own sewing/knitting/craft studio which is just *lovely* and I promise to take pictures when I return. We also have one upstairs room dedicated entirely to yoga, and off of that is what I call "the reading nook."

All we need is a couch and a longer eating table with extra chairs for having friends drop by for dinner. And a housewarming party!

So yes, after a sweet day of swimming at the lake, having a drink on the town, then spending ridiculous hours packing three weeks' worth of clothes into one North Face backpack (I'm now bringing two weeks' worth and wearing things twice, whatever there are thrift shops everywhere!!), then coloring my roots, then updating Blogger, I'm ready to crawl in and hit the hay with my sweetie for way too short a time.

When I get home, there are things to be done - putting farmer's market fruit by for the winter! painting kitchen cabinets! organizing boxes and books upstairs (the only space not unpacked yet)!

It will be good to rest.

In the meantime, I'm looking forward to finishing up school and visiting New England for several weeks (hoping to meet you, Heather!).

Sorry there isn't much time to say more right now. I love you all and am getting to your blogs when time allows.

Love and light,


Monday, June 6, 2011

my old (actually new!) kentucky home

I am back from Portland ... processing some stuff ... will be back soon. Forgive my absence. It's good to be home, even amongst moving boxes.

love and light,