Wednesday, August 13, 2008

wondering how to slow myself .... successfully?

in just a few days, i'll return home to louisville, in bad financial shape due to not being paid for the three months i've had off.

some friends claim they've gone a year, or even two, without "going out." for me, the hard thing is going to be restaurants; some nights, I just don't want to cook. but although i will likely be getting some good financial aid for school (and everything i just spent all my money on) in a few months, i'd like to see if i can go even a month without eating out somewhere. for me, that's a huge step toward the already very simplified life all of you lead.

anyway, with that (and just living a better, more wholesome, happy life in general, of course!), here are my fall and winter goals:

lots of wood fires (i'm lucky that my small but sweet apartment has a working fireplace!)

baking homemade bread (and sharing it when possible!)

a few nights of wine at home with a couple girlfriends

stockpiling, stockpiling... and lots of experimenting with food and freezing it, etc.

continuing to learn and practice knitting

reading two of Dr. Maria Montessori's books, getting many of my homework assignments done, and reading the entire Anne of Green Gables series

yoga at least once a week

daily walks (unless the weather absolutely, positively forbids it)

saturdays and sundays spent relaxing, babysitting, blogging, volunteering (this is the first year in EVER that i haven't worked a second job on someone else's schedule...despite still sort of "needing", etc.

that's kind of growing, isn't it? i'll leave it there. please send your thoughts along. i need the encouragement and need to slowly fall into this life.