Sunday, September 16, 2012

16:: September

Good news,

I have decided when I am paid on the 28th to order a new charger and USB cable for my camera. I never found mine, and I haven't taken pictures in months. And we live in such a beautiful place that I'd really like to share with you! Photographing my days and then blogging about them keeps me inspired and intentional about the way I live my life.

I've spent today at home relaxing, for breakfast I made steamed kale with garlic and put amish chicken sausages over them. I do like eating meat again ("clean" meat) occasionally but still prefer to enjoy a mostly plant-based diet. I believe that cheese is a meanie and am currently trying to cut down (though we now eat very good, amish-produced cheese from our local "crunchy" market) but I'm not giving up my organic, probiotic, greek yogurt. The fermented dairy is supposed to be very good for you. Tonight, I'm making homemade creamy potato soup. Last night, we stewed lentils and bacon with tomatoes and shallots and it was heart and delicious. There is just something to be said for cooking and baking from scratch! Boy, do the dishes pile up though! We are also dealing with fruit flies, apparently they are just bad around here this time of year, we've caught a lot using bowls of dish soap and apple cider vinegar. 

Today I painted our bedroom for three hours, the prettiest, palest color of sea green. It's gorgeous. Once the room is done we'll do curtains, bedding, end tables, lamps, bed frame. One thing at a time, as time, energy, and money permit. 

The days are a bit cooler, but not sweater weather yet. Not too hot to swim anymore though. Walks by the beach are always a blessing, and the sunsets are incredible.

Last week was the most exhausting, it was the first full week of school but I made it through. I took the week off from working out and slept all I needed to, I had my womanly time then too so it was slow going and painful but I've made it through. Just listening to my body and trying not to overtax it. I love the new classroom and the children, and feel more confident about teaching this year.

We are going through the very annoying process of getting our cars registered in the state, inspections here are picky and we are both needing some semi-expensive repairs that of course are no fun and are ripping my new budget ways to shreds for a while.

Next month marks a year before the wedding. So much to start planning. It makes me nervous not having any money set aside yet, but it always works out in the end. We still have to decide where to hold the ceremony. I may have a (top secret!) lead on a dress, though! In just over a year, I'm also considering ... getting pregnant. Oh my. So much planning and new. We're also hoping John will get a job teaching at my school, no more hourlong commute across the Bay to something he's not entirely happy with anyway. That has its own complications regarding training ....

I have been pondering knitting and sewing of late. Did you know, I finally set up the craft room at the end of the upstairs hallway. It's very tiny, but I can also comfortably do yoga and pilates on video in there. It needs a cushy rug, a fold-up worktable, and some comfy floor cushions for reading.

If you've made it this far, thanks for reading through all the hodge-podge and goings-on. Really, just trying to feel settled for a while for once. Taking it easy and doing what we can where we are. And cooking. Always, always cooking!