Monday, April 13, 2015

all photo credit goes to the lovely talented Anna of Anna Carson Dewitt photography. Patronize her! Her work is lovely.
we are still getting adjusted to life with baby. it's very different, and very challenging, but also very wonderful. mama is learning how to slow down, and how to be patient with the fact that one "little" outing can take ALL. DAY. ;-) we each try to take about an hour of "me" time per day. I either run out to target or trader joe's, Starbucks or Dunkin' for a small pleasure, or I watch part of an episode of Call the Midwife, or get some thank you cards written. I also have baked some yummy brownies (I think from the Cake and Cookie website?) and Molly Wizenberg's adapted raspberry-ricotta cake as beginning May 1 I'm going to try and eat "clean" again for a while (think Whole 30 but not so restrictive b/c I'm nursing). But yeah, no dairy/refined sugar/processed carbohydrate. Loads of "good" meat/fruit/veg/nuts/seeds. Probably some organic yogurt too, and pastured eggs. No caffeine but I've been off that for ages anyway. Thank goodness for the decaf Americano from Starbucks. I love it!
I have also given babywearing a try, and George seems to be much less fussy. I'm using the Boba wrap, and love it though perfect positioning can be challenging. We've made it through his first growth spurt. Today, he is one month old! We are so proud of our sweet one. He gives us so much joy.

Other things ...

OMG ... LAUNDRY. laundry, laundry, laundry. We have just started using our cloth diapers though and love them. Two words. Dreft. Oxyclean. Magic. Don't want to think about the water bill though!

I am in the process of interviewing for a new school position in the fall. I'm hoping to find a really, really good one this time ....

John seems to be first in line for an early childhood position at the Smithsonian!

I am looking forward very much to the first week of May. I'm taking George on his first (one hour) road trip to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival Saturday, then our local farmer's market starts up on Sunday!

If only there was more time for knitting .... I still have his baby blanket half finished. Welcome to motherhood, right? I must say I'm quickly mastering the art of using one hand for everything.

Hope spring has sprung where you are. Weather has been beautiful here and we've been getting out for lots of walks. We also walked around D.C. yesterday and took some pictures amongst all the cherry trees. Hope to post those soon.

love and light,

Karen xo