Sunday, May 26, 2013

26 may :: been too long

it's been a while.

i've been lazy with my camera, really, and it's a shame.

i miss this space, so i promise to be back soon to update it. in the meantime, spent only about 15 min total on the computer today. got a ton of food made, enjoyed the  gorgeous weather, and got a lot of knitting done. things here are winding down with school (seven school days left!) and i'm getting really excited for my upcoming trips to Asheville and Louisville. Summer will be full but super relaxing even with various wedding planning pieces going on.

we are having some issues with snoring keeping us apart at night. does anyone have solutions other than earplugs? i can NOT keep the plug things in my ear (i actually despise ear buds of any sort, finding them very uncomfortable) .... just wondering your advice.

hope you all are well ... xo

love and light --



  1. No advice on the snoring. Has he been to see a doctor about it?
    Your day sounds lovely. I've been spending less time online as well as I've had a lot more energy to get off the couch and get things done. Looking forward to seeing some photos of your Summer trips.

  2. Did John try the strips that you put on your nose to open the breathing passage? I've heard they work wonders!!