Thursday, March 20, 2008

answer to my everything!!!

oh. my.

this woman is my long-lost soul mate, i swear! i am her reincarnated younger (though still wishful thinker of a) self!!!

PLEASE patronize her amazing blog and journal both of daily life and self-discovery.

i really want to quit MY spending, TOO!! she has the life i always always dream of. and i have the chance to make it happen nearly 30 years earlier than she did (not that it's ever too late ... boy does she live the truly good life!!).

i really believe this life is still possible in America ... but I agree with her ... it comes with some explaining to do. so what though?

i can't keep my eyes off this woman's posts. i'm addicted!!


here is an awesome-sounding recipe for Rhonda's (copyright Rhonda!! please credit her if you pass it on, and provide a link to her blog) homemade laundry powder (which I may try when my ultra-concentrated organic detergent is done..)

this woman rules my world!! and hopefully, with any amount of commitment, i'll soon rule my own roost!

p.s. she is Australian so you'll have to do conversions for her recipes.

random thought for the day: does anyone write research papers anymore with OUT using the internet?

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