Wednesday, June 18, 2008


had a bit of a taste tonight of what it would be like to own a house someday, and to revel in the joys, calm, and accomplishment of housework.

after riding my bike around the neighborhood a bit, i came back and did the following: watered plants outside, gave one of the dogs a bath, loaded and started the dishwasher, cleaned countertops, swept floors, folded laundry, put a new load in, and cut a half watermelon, some of which maybe i'll bring to work tomorrow cause watermelon tends to go bad fast. then, when all the work was done, i sat outside with the newly clean and fluffy doggie on my lap a bit, just feeling calm as darkness settled in (it doesn't get fully dark until nearly 10 p.m. here in kentucky summer!) and i watched the fireflies. so many! now i'm about to cook a veggie burger and settle in with a movie for the night.

i could get used to this ... ! ah, someday ....

for the moment, though, i'm looking forward to getting my apartment cleaned out and ready for the summer when i'm gone, and when my across-hall neighbor will be coming over periodically to check on the cat i'm leaving there.

p.s. on the house-work: i just couldn't get the riding lawnmower to start. i kept grinding gears. i gave up....wonder what i was doing wrong? : (

possible plans for tomorrow night: skinny dipping and a fire and singing with two good friends ....

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  1. you have really embraced the solitude, and it all sounds so wonderful. i strive / wish for every day to feel like how yours sounds. a start: karl and i had a few very nice days when we were housesitting for his parents downstairs. so nice to have our own space a little while for solitude.