Tuesday, September 30, 2008

squirrels and such

as autumn approaches, leaf work begins ... these children are doing the "obcordate" leaf. working so hard. love it. it's beautiful to see that.

here are some pictures ... reminder to self (and to my readers!) of what i'll try and post this weekend: (yes...that IS me taking a hammer to a coconut!)

fried green tomatoes and hot peppers
homemade shampoo with baking soda and jasmine oil
peanut butter hummus
the approach of fall with colder temps here in KY
paint splattering incidents
brown rice with eggplants and such goodness (pictures of below)... and semi-local greens
update on the green scarf

yes we were lucky to have a baby squirrel visit us this week! see you sunday.

love, karen

i'll end with three cats it's rare to see in one room at the same time. they've been acting crazy lately. not sure what's up with that.


  1. ooh i *love* leaves, especially as they turn all shades of warm colors, and get crunchy under your footstep. we don't have foliage yet.. a bit nervous this year (wjat with with all the rain!) that they won't last long on the trees!

    i have never seen a baby squirrel - so adorable! - and so surprised it came near!! you're enriching me just by posting this..!

    and this is kind of scary, but i've recently started buying coconuts - for $1 apiece - rather than $2 & change for prepackaged coconut water. i do love it! (and then get to keep the coconut "meat" for cooking / smoothies after!) anyways, so karl and i struggled a couple wks ago taking a meat cleaver to the darned thing. fernando then appeared from his room wondering what on earth we were doing, and instructed us to find a soft spot, take a sharp edged knife(?) and puncture / drain it there. it's much easier to crack in half after that. hope you had an easier time than we did!! the dried half-shell makes a cool drinking vessel too! (i'm also hoping to make a flagon from a gourd this fall!)

    fried green tomatoes, mm. i might have to make some soon as i fear the rest of the tomatoes on our plants aren't going to ripen. at the end of last summer, i breaded them with silken tofu (?) and cornmeal and baked them. so good!
    how do you make them?

    also really intrigued by peanut butter hummus!? ah, your cooking projects look & sound so delicious!
    i bet they taste even better..

    really do love your updates! to borrow an expression, they are like soup for the soul. i would like my life to scale back to an experience this rich and soulful..

    i love you!!!

  2. I think it's kitty-go-nuts weather. Terrapin has been running around like a crazy man in the early morning and just before bed.

  3. The sweetest squirrel Karen, I will have to come up with a knitting pattern for one! Nice to see you are showing so many good things to the next generation, bet you are a popular teacher! I must look for the book you mentioned.