Saturday, October 18, 2008

in the words of jewels

I'm off to a tiny bit more knitting and then sleep land having decided to mostly in great detail read the last two or three posts of jewels. jewels the way you have raised/are raising your family is so so inspiring, that with all that's come to pass in this day and age you can be so akin to ... well, the ingalls family. that's meant as a dear and delicate compliment to you.

here are some of jewels' words, which, while I myself am not religious, brought the hint of moisture just behind my eyes. I will enjoy contemplating them, and hopefully acting on them, whenever the need arises. Thank you, Jewels, for sharing your life of simplicity and beauty, and the loveliness of your children with all of us.

Jewel: I hope that each of you have a special day with those you love. I hope you're able to enjoy today, and not worry about tomorrow. Do remember, that you're free to do so. My heart does go out to those of you that are carrying especially heavy burdens, and I pray that God would not only carry them, but lovingly carry you. And, as only He is able, put your hearts and minds at rest. I pray that He holds you especially near to his tender heart....and loves you, loves you, loves you, deep inside.

I hope that each one of you will be entirely free to be yourselves. Just as you are, Right where you are. Without apology or feeling like you have to live up to anyone else's expectations--group or individual--and know that that's your special, priceless, gift to those around you. A gift that no one else can give.

love and peace,

karen <3

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