Wednesday, October 22, 2008

self-entertaining at the library

today i made it out of bed 45 MINUTES before i had to be out the door. turns out it was just enough time to enjoy coffee while watching my cats devour their breakfast, and I got to make yummy oatmeal on the stove with blueberries, wheat germ and brown sugar mixed in. and eat it, too!

go me!!

tonight: here i am at the libary, checking out new DVDS, including a yoga one. i've really been craving yoga so hopefully this will be good to me. i'm also going to see what there is as far as some recipe books i can look through, and i want to photocopy some of the pages out of the knitting books i just renewed. i'm half-serious about starting up a binder of knitting, cooking, etc. tips ... and using the hole puncher at my school to help. i'd love to make it pretty and bound with ribbon or something ... but first i need a good organizational system. all my important documents for everything are literally just thrown around everywhere in boxes! awful, i know ... simply awful. ah, project for gloomy winter days, i suppose.

three babysitting jobs this week, one last night that involved pretty much nothing more than a 45-minute walk thru suburbia (very scary ... like a wasteland/ghosttown on a gorgeous fall evening, but good exercise nonetheless) with sleeping baby in stroller. thank god, i need them (the jobs).

have started my almost-daily walks again in the park. this is good, even with the cooler temperatures. the sunsets are gorgeous. i love seeing all the long shadows.

that's about all ... hopefully we'll catch up on the weekend, with some more pictures in tow. i'm going to Rhonda's blog now for bread recipes .... hopefully homemade bread and pizza will be made this weekend.

peace and love,


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  1. Oh my. One little click from my friend's blog, Cardinal Acre and here I am to meet you!

    I can see from just this post how much we have in common. Just a few things seem to be: simple living, yoga, knitting, and I'm vegan. Well, I'll have to peruse around here a bit more!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy your library finds.