Monday, November 3, 2008

the good vibes are here ... for me and for BARACK.

... put on yer dancin' shoes ... lol

don't feel like uploading too many pictures tonight... though don't you worry, i have plenty stored up!! I just wanted to stop in and say Happy Election Day eve to you all ... i am plenty nervous but optimistic nonetheless.

I feel that things are finally on an upswing after going through what's hopefully my very last "bottom" financially for a while. I've been accepted for thousands in financial aid, and now i'm just awaiting the check in the mail. I've had some great gifts and "finds" arriving in my life lately ... will update on those soon. Some of the finds include truly amazing people I'm so lucky and grateful to know. Some are shall we say, rediscoveries. I'm taking more vitamins and eating more veggies and getting more sleep and knitting more. I just baked my second loaf of bread and it was much better than the one I baked last time. I'm walking nearly every night after dinner and trying to do a yoga video at least once a week. I'm spending .... almost nothing beyond what I *need*. I'm babysitting THREE times this week. I'm making a big batch of vegetarian chili for an Earthsave group potluck dinner saturday. Fall is here, but the weather will be in the 70's all week gas heat needed....yeahhhhhhhhhhhhl!! My new neighbor wants to share the cost of an Internet connection. I reorganized my entire apartment with the idea of making it more of a "social" place and realized I now will have room ... and $$$!!! ... for three small sofas and a couple of coffee tables (used, of course!!)

I have much to be thankful and happy for. Life is overall, always, so sweet.

Now we just have to put one Mr. Barack Obama in the White House. please, please, providence, fate, god, the Force, whatever. WE NEED BARACK OBAMA.

More of an update soon. Love and peace to all of you in your own very special lives. Where there is always goodness, if we but open our eyes to it ... why ... there it is...!!! right in front of us, all along!!



me and my daddy ... yep that's his high school photo!! we look alike enough i think!

p.s. Thanks vegetarian knitter for the squash recipe. i mashed mine, and mixed it with brown sugar, vegan butter, cinnamon, and raisins. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. it was like dessert for dinner. pictures to come!!

p.p.s. Brian THANK you. you are beyond sweet for this perfect gift.

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  1. love your happy photos! and so happy to hear you're in good spirits - you really sound better than *ever*- and with so many good reasons! financial aid! earthsave dinner! future president Obama! .. and guessing you got my letter?!

    beautiful day here, too, with that certain buzz in the air. hey, hope you redeemed your free cup 'o joe, courtesy of Starbucks, for voting!

    still a bit of nerves all around. i'll be crossing our fingers for us this evening. might not sleep til i'm assured a happy outcome. karl is poll-standing (outside of a local precinct) as we speak, stumping for the Dems in all races. i'm sure he'll have some great perspectives. and i'm such a geek..
    thanks to the farm, i now have a photographer friend with the NYTimes who will supposedly update me with breaking news, and i signed up for election texts from the Washington Post. really wishing i could ring in this historic "new- years"-of-sorts with you!!!