Monday, December 22, 2008

update from Connecticut

this is just a tiny update to let you know that i've made it home safely (been here a week and a half), have spent much time with friends, including three days snowed in at one of my best friend's, one of which had a great party thrown in despite the weather -- we've had two snowstorms in a row here, in sharp contrast to my aussie friends! -- have wrapped presents and done much knitting, way too much eating, especially cheese. my new camera arrived and i've taken tons of pictures. the memory card actually holds over 4000 images if you can believe it! unfortunately my parents don't have wireless so you'll have to wait to see them, but i promise to post as soon as the driving's better and i can get either to a friend's or a coffeeshop.

hope you all have a marvelous, magical christmas. i do miss my tiny apartment and simple, activist life and my cats, but well ... a little excess for a couple of weeks i'll allow myself. i will surrender some control for fun ... i really need it. and after all, enjoying time and good food with some of the best people in the world is infinitely better than stressing over their gifts!

be well, friends.


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  1. i am SO loving having you here!! you should just stay forever. :) xoxoxo