Sunday, February 8, 2009

quick bits, in bytes.

a quick post ... too much to do still (weekly cooking! reading!), so maybe just some pictures for now. good news, a few bits: couches acquired this week: THREE!! i also picked up the paint (eco-friendly blend from local store, yay) so that will happen over next sunday ... someone bid $50 for my TV on ebay and wants to pick it up locally ... we'll see if she "wins" ... (but yay, i'm gonna make $$!!) ... i'm getting internet at my apt next saturday! happy valentine's to me. i start tutoring this week ... i gave someone special a book of poetry last night ... i have a new fundraising project for a good cause in the works ... i'm attending an Earthsave Louisville potluck on Vday and attending a taping of one of my favorite singers' (John Gage!) local radio show, Kentucky Homefront.... the author of Eat, Pray, Love is coming to LV and I bought a ticket today to hear her be interviewed (i'll be right there while it's happening) by public radio/have my book signed ... It feels like spring out here. Almost all the ice is gone. ... I've learned how to knit a hat, and soon will start a baby blanket. Things are pretty good.

Enjoy the pictures, and your week. Mine will be a busy one!! (Australian friends ... my thoughts go out to you ... i hope you are okay during this difficult time for your country.)

LOOK what they're capable of ... !!

it's from the 1940's ... used to sit in a men's club here in LV ...

my own version of Tom Yum soup: YUM. is right!

a hat in the works!


karen <3


  1. Sounds like you're busy and happy :-). that soup does look devine. Can't wait to see the finished hat. I must learn to knit something besides a scarf :-).


  2. whatever you have in the bowl looks yummy - oatmeal? really impressed by the Tom Yum soup, too.. wow!

    your home improvements sound like they're going to enrich your place and yet not break the bank. that's great! sounds like you have an amazing, full week ahead! you sound so happy and that is all that matters!

    miss & love you!

  3. go you with your circular knitting on dpns!! :)

  4. I love your blog header!

    That hat in the making looks scrumptious!