Sunday, March 15, 2009

another sunday in march.

here i am on another sunday, updating my blog. i did take some pictures of my dresses, but i'm not happy with the quality and don't feel like posting crazy pictures today, anyway.

i'm not sure what to update you on, as i feel i'm only just now coming back into a regular routine after all the jury duty. i'm ready to be slow again, for a while life (and spending, which i got just a tad bit carried away with over and above the house planning, mainly i guess i slipped back into the old out-to-eat habits) really felt on fast forward. now i'm spending a good chunk of time on my assignments for montessori training, trying to get more sleep, and attempting to knit and read more than i'm on the internet (facebook is really a huge time suck). i've been forging new connections, too, finding my energies again through increased yoga practice and just being mindful of remaining present and being open to whatever goodness comes my way. it helps me to continue making simple to-do lists, and like Frugal Trenches recently suggested, actually scheduling in time on the weekends for things like Knit. Read. Walk. Cook. and moving errands to extra time during the week so those two days off really are more restful. I second this suggestion.

I'm pretty sure the man I've really been interested in for a very long time (and who I've been really trying to get interested in me, to no avail... "he's just not that into you" comes to mind...) is dating someone now, so I'm in the process of making my peace with that, trying to wish him well within not just my mind but in my heart, and moving on to new and hopefully great things. On the ride home from a nice Montessori conference yesterday evening, the friend i was with, who can feel energies like i can, said she feels i'm on the verge of something really great in terms of love. i tend to agree with her statement, so what can i be but open to each lovely possibility that presents itself? sure, it's a struggle some days with loneliness and aimlessness and this sense of just -- waiting -- but if i can keep myself grounded most of the time in all the positives i have gathered and continue to grow, i think i'll make it into that place of light okay.

i've decided to go completely vegan for the next two weeks or so, to clean out some accumulated sludge in my body/energy levels. i might be tempted to sneak a fried egg in there somewhere, though. i always feel better when i get back to a vegan diet .. clearer, more energized.

there is a new teahouse in my neighborhood that's quite nice. it's asian-inspired. i plan on spending some good time there, doing work and perhaps conversing with some new friends i recently met there.

overall, things have been going well. i'm getting reenergized about my life's work (montessori), slowly realizing i've made more connections in my community than i realize, trying to cultivate real friendships with some of those, and remembering, now and then, that just because these things really do take time, they do blossom over time, too. i was reminded of this last night, when a new friend called out of the blue just as i was looking for a movie to go see solo. i joined her, and met up with a couple whom i was surprised and pleased to see both remembered my name and who both spent good quality time talking and listening to me. the universe's forces really are in tune with us when we most need them to be. my energy had been blocked, and i nudged myself to open myself to become closer to the universe, and when i did that good things started to happen all over. i hope it continues.

have a good week, friends, i'm going to do my best to make this a week of simplicity, gentle on my heart and mind, and little spending of money. and some time with and around friends/future friends/maybe future loves.

here's to visualizing the best, and shooting for it each day with the self-love in our hearts that we can translate both to others and our world.



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  1. thank you for being such a reminder of the way of kindness and openness. the universe does surprise us with good things that we can't force. like the boy thing; ..staying open to it when it happens. you're such a wonderful person to have given of yourself - so much - and better for it. enjoy the new energies - and seedlings - of Spring!