Monday, April 27, 2009

some thoughts

I get my second-to-last paycheck of this school year tomorrow. After I spend what I need to on the necessary bills, I'm not allowing myself any extraneous expenses beyond some minor fun when my best friend comes to town. especially as i don't seem to be subletting my apartment. that is not fun. i plan on knitting, finishing up my albums, and continuing with yoga and resuming my near-daily miles long park walks. and cooking simply, recipes will be shelved for a bit in lieu of simpler, yet still hearty, fare. it's getting back to simple rice/beans/cold grains salad/raw fruit and veg time ... and i'm embracing it.

my time in lexington is winding down. i love being at the school here, nearly exactly how i want my classroom to be run. what an inspiration. the children and the teacher and everyone who works there? lovely, lovely, lovely. i've been working at it (well, mostly the book i want to finish up by tomorrow night) diligently, with the result that time is literally flying.

i have plenty of money ready to go for the summer, but i'm waiting for one last much-needed pop of financial aid money to kick in .... and then i'm going to start challenging myself to save money. i want to finally start building an emergency fund (sure would help for future apartment sublets, i tell ya!), and a regular savings that for the forseeable future will be for a much better rental than the one i have now. yes, i think i'll be moving once more before buying ... that is if i stay in louisville. if things here don't work out, i'll probably rent in new england.

the weather here is gorgeous and i'm looking forward to a quick last two weeks of school, followed by three weeks of SLOW fun before eight weeks of school ... and then hopefully a tiny post-training retreat at a KY bed and breakfast on a working organic farm!

be well out there and send us positive energy during this time of trial for our nation (i'm sure you all know the few things i'm thinking of here, i won't be repetitive).



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