Monday, June 1, 2009

some lovely summer activities.


spent SIX hours on a blanket in the park under the shade of a very nice-sized tree. started a knitting project that's been sitting around too long, read some of my book, ate leftover monster noodles (see bread and honey's blog) and fruit and bean dip with tortilla chips. laid down and basked in the sun, which never got too hot but was always warm enough. not a cloud in the sky.

my subletter had moved in when i returned. i was so happy to feed someone some of the leftover monster noodles and i also cooked him homemade french fries. i hope he feels comfortable in my home. i am always happy to have an excuse to cook for someone else!


spent the day babysitting a marvelous three-year-old i know! what fun we had! painting in the backyard, picknicking on a tinkerbell blanket with cheese and fruit and crackers arranged on a platter and a big bowl of "butter" noodles (actually butter and olive oil, walking around the neighborhood smelling flowers, reading a story, playing "store," listening to her play the piano. it takes a lot of energy, but i could do the stay-at-home mom thing ... it feels natural to me.

i promise to try and be able to post pictures soon!

tomorrow night i'm inviting two friends over for veggie/vegan enchiladas (using bread and honey's homemade sauce...)!

tonight's plans: a long walk in the beautiful park, and some more knitting.

did i mention that i'm buying a friend's beautiful guitar? <3

this weekend i'll attend two music events, one atop the roof of a local glassblowing factory. and perhaps help out at a new farmer's market in a low-income neighborhood.

summer is good, and so is involvement and engagement and living wholly within your community/with friends. it's a good life ....


  1. Wow, six hours IS marathon blanket time! :) Sounds like you had a lovely day though.

    Trust me, you're going to make a great mama. You have enough creativity and self motivation/inspiration to be staying at home quite happily. Especially since you han be with others' children and enjoy them as much as you do; your own will rock your world! :)

    Cowboy Junkies. I can't think of how many times I have sung that song - Blue Moon Revisited - over the years. One of my favorites!

  2. awww...THANK you for those words, nicole. i'm actually considering adoption in the next 6 years or so if it hasn't happened "naturally" (i.e. with husband) by then ... i absolutely feel it my life's duty to raise a responsible person for the next generation. i'm going to start saving toward that goal now ... such as having a home ready for baby when it's finally time.

  3. i've been picking the song out on guitar ... i actually got to see cowboy junkies live a few weeks ago here in louisville. they were amazing.