Saturday, July 18, 2009

coming home .... soon.

$2, thrift shop, proceeds for children in foster care.

hello, sweet readers.

only 20 more days here in st. louis. it's been wonderful teacher training, but i'm really ready to get back into my everyday life at home. i have big plans, big plans to simplify even further than what i've already started in the last year and a half that i've had this dear blog. a couple of days ago, i watched the documentary "An Inconvenient Truth." It really got my wheels turning a lot faster. If you haven't seen it yet, may I kindly recommend you do so. The information is just what I needed to impel me to greater action. I'm going to implement two lights-free nights a week when I get home. These are nights I may go to bed earlier than usual, or read by candlelight. I'm also, as I've mentioned before, going to move my refrigerator away from my stove, burn more fireplace fires as opposed to turning up my heat, and I may wind up moving up to more than one car-free day a week. I wish I could sell it, honestly, but I'm not really living yet in a place where it's sensible for me to do so. So I'll just try and use it less.

I also have a big money plan that I'm definitely going to put into action, but I'll stay quiet about that another couple months still till it's all set up, and then I'll share the changes with you. I'm very excited about it, though! What a year this should become for me, financially!

here are my near-future plans: "nesting" at home -- friends over for simple homecooked dinners. learning to sew. practicing the guitar. knitting christmas gifts. possibly .... learning how to make soap. reading books. cooking...of course! (hello food processor ... how i've missed you!) learning about cold frames so I can build one and start greens in early spring. fall hikes and camping with a new ..... boyfriend (!!) ... yes. it's a good time for me to come home and have a good few months of all of it to look forward to. no living room to do this time, just time to focus on the inner life and to get my ducks in a row for the future i can't wait to move into, a future of radical simplicity.

i love you all for being here and for helping be like little sparks that have changed my life and my outlook so significantly over the last 18 or so months of my time here on Beautiful Earth.

peace, love, namaste.


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