Thursday, July 30, 2009

My nighttime walks

So much to be grateful for that my heart sings.

old houses

big, very wise trees that reach up everywhere into the sky on a strong, immovable trunk

singing tree bugs

barking dogs


the smell of lingering grilled food

the cozy glowy lights in other people's beautiful homes

cool temperatures

free kitchen chair cushions, new, in someone's recycling!

airplanes with their lights, landing, the people on them safe

the overall smell of summer


being aware enough to recognize the specialness of it all

the gift of hearing

the gift of breath

the gift of health

the gift of love

the gift of life

the gift of special friends

i do love my walks, especially on nights like these where it really is *just* a walk -- not thinking, or planning (which all come together wonderfully many times, to my happiness -- *just*, and yet so much more than words can convey.

and, randomly, here are pics from the yarn sale in Louisville that i should have posted ages ago. the back of my car has been slowly filling with goodness all summer. here is some of it.

and some loveliness from the Missouri Botanical Garden.

tomorrow night i'm going here.

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