Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday, a new beginning.

Good morning ladies and gents in simple living blog land!

Today is Sunday, the BEGINNING of the week (thanks for that reminder, Frugal Trenches). I wanted to share my breakfast with you ... it was lovely, and ENTIRELY local!!! without me even trying ; ) i looooooove when that happens. The menu: plums and raspberries, eggs with squash, and dill-roasted potatoes with onion. And orange juice.

it's also nice to eat breakfast in a sunny kitchen nook with someone special who loves your home-cooked food ; ) makes all the difference!!

here's a trick i learned in california: cucumber water!! it's delicious and refreshing in summer.

the swiss chard/eggplant/white bean soup was amazing: key spices i used were ground sage, coriander, and a smattering of ground clove. it was almost like a fall soup, but entirely forgivable because not only was it soooooooooooooooooo filling, it made four extra portions! Tonight I make tofu yellow curry with coconut milk.

Dying to see the movie Julie and Julia ... have any of you seen it? I'd also like to read the book at some point, but right now I'm busy finishing Omnivore's Dilemma. Just a couple more chapters to go in that one! What a great read. I highly recommend it!

Here's to a relaxing remainder of the day (and maybe a walk in the park when it gets cooler ... it's like a hot steam bath here!) .. may you all see Sunday as a *beginning*, and not an end!!

Yours in spirit,


p.s. tomorrow ... is the beginning of a new school year! early to bed, early to rise .... i'm excited to meet the new children!!


  1. Karen it all looks so delicious. How do you make those potatoes?
    I love your plates!

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  3. hey FT,

    I simply wash and srub a bit of the dirt off them, then, with the skins still on, I chop them up into bite-sized chunks. Place into a lidded pan or bowl with olive oil, dried dill, and sea salt. Shake to coat. Place in pans (I used two cake pans), then top with chopped strips of white onion. Put in an oven that's about 400 degrees (that's U.S. anyway) for 15 minutes or so (maybe 20). Take them out, mix them up a bit, and put them back in for another 10 minutes or so. Tasty, cheap, local (I got my potatoes local, anyhow) goodness that makes several portions for one! enjoy!