Saturday, September 5, 2009

technical difficulties, grrr.

PLEASE stay tuned for new posts from me soon ... I may be gone for a while, due to a problem I've been having with charging my computer. I'm either going to get a new charger or buy a new computer (hello Apple store!) when my student loan comes in.

I'm well ... waiting for three weeks from now to jumpstart my financial plan. I'm going to save for a house ... among other things.

Walking home to eat an egg for breakfast. Outdoor bluegrass festival tonight.

Peace and promise to be back soon,



  1. Hope you had a lovely time at the festival! Good luck fixing those technical difficulties!

  2. In such a short post, I am touched and inspired by the destiny you are creating. Financial improving your life technologically. You have a keen awareness that responsibility and accepting your life can only enable it. My inspired thought: I was wondering if you might want to rename your blog "The Way it Will Be" (?) as you are creating your life as your LIFE in the NOW.