Saturday, October 10, 2009

That's right, I'm a fighter.

How's this for a breakfast to combat whatever this nastiness (sore throat, cough) is that I've contracted?

Echinacea tea
smoothie: soy blueberry yogurt, orange juice, agave, flaxseeds, frozen blueberries
two eggs with an avocado
500 mg vitamin c
bilberry extract
garlic extract
2 zinc/elderberry lozenges

I'm stuffed.

tonight: if i'm feeling fine, going to a vegan multicourse dinner cooked by a chef from Connecticut, where I'm from! Can't wait.

for now, moving more stuff into the new apartment. pictures soon.

hope you have an enjoyable weekend.


  1. wow! you're doing one better than me. I have nearly the same complaint: same cold, and have.. done nearly NONE of the above! where oh where is my health freakishness when i need it! thanks for the reminder that there are so many naturopathic ways out for internal healing.

    that said.. vegan multicourse dinner! sounds INCREDIBLE! who is this chef & where can i find he / she?!

    best wishes on the move & restored health! you ARE a fighter!


  2. should have said "where can I find him / her" .. i should proofread more often. ;)

  3. Hope you feel better! I have the same thing, soe throat, feeling sluggish, hoping to get to yoga and make myself feel better though!

    Have a great weekend, can't wait to see the pictures of your new place!

  4. Hope you're feeling well enough to attend the dinner - it sounds fantastic. But if not, have a nice easy night at home.


  5. You're doing all the right things! Do take care of yourself and feel better soon. :)

  6. P.S. I made it back to peek at your new apt. picks. It looks wonderful! I can't wait to see what you do with it. :)


    ~ Nicole