Tuesday, January 26, 2010


dinners have been simple lately .... I AM a saver!!! ... but all the same, simply delicious. tonight's fare: whole wheat spaghetti noodles, cooked al dente with seared sesame-crusted tofu, steamed edamame and stir-fried button and baby bella mushrooms topped with a nice generous tahini drizzle. some tamari was mixed in with the mushrooms. filling, healthy, and delicious (and easy) on a winter's day.

winter is wearing on me. i need sunshine, and spring, and hours on my outdoor porch. for now, i'll hunker down with montessori homework and playing around on my sewing machine. i haven't done any of this yet ... i've been brooding over certain things and pondering over others and spending lots of time on the yoga mat. can't complain about the yoga mat time ... it's transforming my life continually.

my cousin, wearing (and LOVING, yay!!) the farrow rib scarf i knit him for Christmas

i seem to be in an anti-reading phase lately. i hate it. free cable/the internet are ridiculous distractions. i hate that i'm sucked in too much by them.

i just uploaded 666 (cryptic lol) pictures onto my computer, so i'm stocked up for a while. still, i need to take it easy.

i'm sorry my blogs don't seem to have a point lately. my focuses are kind of all over the place. they seemed so unified on jan. 1. rhythm is a hard song to play in my life right now with all this school/teaching requirements/travel/emotional upheaval (guy stuff....oy....). type b's aren't built for it. i need an entire winter of nesting. maybe next one?

we are supposed to get snow here at the end of the week. i'm seriously praying for some QT snowed in, a snow day or a snow day and a half off from school.

sense a theme here? yeah there is one:: home. where my heart truly is right now. I need inward focus. I need one-on-ones with good friends.

have been taking some long walks in my favorite park again when the weather permits. thank goodness, my how i've missed my walking. i want to factor some local easy day hikes in there, too. i can't wait to smell the spring mud and feel more rejuvenated again. the seasons have certainly had their way with me this winter thus far.

now, for that cuppa and book ...... so desperately needed.

stay warm out there, cold clime friends. the days ARE getting longer, by a minute or more each day.

can't wait to learn to grow something edible, and keep it alive. i watch my compost pile but it doesn't seem to rot much, just stink. i don't stir it. i have faith it will do its thing all on its own, just will take more time. i'm okay with that. i know all about needing more time.

sending as much peace as my energies can currently muster .... your way. be well out there. keep inspiring me. I AM a saver!!!


  1. Dinner looks delicious - simple and yummy is def. the way to go. Don't worry about your blogs not having a particular point - I enjoy hearing your ramblings about your life :-).


  2. thanks libby, needed that. i love your blog, too.