Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a quick one

Still here ... just back to Kentucky but a couple of days ago. Good to be home. Settling in. Sorry for the prolonged conspicuous absence....all is well, just not the time I'd like for a real update, introspective and full of new year's intentions and all. a bit more traveling left to do yet, for school. hoping for a happy march of nesting .....

for now,

cooking tons of vegetables, including spaghetti squash

knitting a small pile of hats

practicing the different types of seams on the sewing machine

getting on the yoga mat very regularly

planning near-future cozy dinners at home and at sweet small places in town

Also I have come on to ask that you please help the victims of the Haitian earthquake. Most of us can afford $10 for this devastating catastrophe ... no? Remember how much you have and how little they do, now. Some people can be poor and happy, but can anyone not have basic needs at a time like this? Open your hearts and give or do what you can to help. I recommend Save the Children ......

i hope you are entering the new year with peace and light in your hearts.




  1. So glad you are back!!

  2. thanks, Ft ... though I've been reading you all along. :-) it's good to be here!

  3. Hi Karen,

    Good to see you back in blogland :-).