Tuesday, February 16, 2010

some self-reflection for ya

Life's a bit chaotic right now, what with a few days of being snowed in here and there and having to go away for a bit about two hours from home to do some required student teaching at another Montessori school. I can't menu plan, or cook .. just make sunflower/peanut butter sandwiches and pack some fruit and scrounge together the rest of what I need to eat from a local co-op and Whole Foods. It's okay, it's temporary. I just always crave the comforts of home, especially this time of year. A fridge and freezer and cookie jar stuffed full of homemade, healthy goodness.

I can't complain, really, I've taken the nesting time pretty seriously lately, overall. I've very very much needed it. I think it will last a few more weeks, probably all of March. Which is just fine with me that March is not at all overladen with commitments -- and I don't need to travel ANYWHERE.

Finished knitting a gorgeous present for my Army friend in Afghanistan today. I should post more of what I've been knitting. Soon, promise. There are some pretty buttons making their way onto future birthday/Christmas (yes you read right, i wasn't kidding about getting started ahead!) gifts, too. Maybe I'll post pics and the recipients will ... erm ... forget? hee hee. Up next: a hat, and learning how to make SOCKS!!

The finances ... are looking GOOD!! Most of my tax refund and about half of my student loan check are going in the SAVINGS. I have some Valentine's Day money from my parents and some babysitting money to put in there, too. I'm applying $16 plus a huge bunch of change (when I can sort it) to my credit card with the lowest balance, and will keep collecting my spare dollars and change for said cause. The savings has several hundred dollars in it now, when I add all of the above it will be lots more than that. I'm also (very likely) getting a good under-the-table job as a university worker's personal assistant. He has to clear out a deceased person's estate and is overwhelmed. The pay is going to be very very good for 5-15 hours a week more. I like that it's not an overwhelming part-time job. Might last a couple months, might make a couple hundred bucks doing it. Not bad. I'm also going to sell an extra space heater on craigslist for $30. When there's a will, there's a way.

I've fallen off the wagon, so to speak, a bit. Buying $2 coffees instead of just waking up in time and making it in the french press. Buying a new pair of jeans, two shirts, and some underwear at the (gasp please) MALL -- haven't been to a mall in years, but was having work on my car done at Sears so I was captive for 4.5 hours. At least the two shirts were made from recycled materials. I HATE buying new clothes because of working conditions in other countries. Does anyone sew their own underwear? just throwing it out there... also, I stocked up on some vegan-friendly wines, because I like to offer it in addition to coffee/tea/water when people are over the house. or sometimes when I'm just all by my lonesome on a Friday night, feelin' frisky and listening to great local radio ... ;-) It's an indulgence, yeah, but I don't need to stock up that often.

Overall, I'm doing well, if I think back to where I was when I started this blog two years ago I've changed massively, massively. So I'll take where I am now over where I was then anytime, even with the stumbles. I love looking at my savings account! It's small but it's GOING somewhere. And I'm happy about that. Next year perhaps I'll look at splitting it off into an emergency fund (for things like aforementioned car repair, which was put on the Capital One.....).

I'm going to yoga in a bit. Been trying to surround myself with positive media: reading the book Stones into Schools by Greg Mortenson, listening to classical music while I knit or do schoolwork, finding videos on YouTube that touch my heart.

Oh and there's something else .... a bit of <3 is in the air .... but I shall leave that one hanging for now while I allow it to bloom. :-)

hope you all are well out there, and staying warm if you're in cold climes like myself! spring is just a few weeks away!!

peace and light,



  1. I so love your updates because you share a piece of your soul!


  2. It looks like you think i'm the fake blogger! I'm not, but sorry. Guess I won't comment anymore.

  3. oh NO pippa!! i am mortified ... it's just that my computer must not have been working right and your name showed up as blank squares, which then brought me to a blank blog, so of course i thought it was fishy. not so anymore!! sorry sorry sorry and DO please continue to comment!!