Tuesday, June 29, 2010

news flash

I had my oral exam this morning, and passed! I am officially an AMI-certified Montessori teacher, for life!

I cannot express in words the joy the end of this three-year journey brings me. But it's actually not an end ... it's a point of departure, a beginning!

five days of rest, and then it's back to the painstaking work of getting a new classroom ready by aug. 16, when the first wonderful children arrive! i won't even get into all that that entails ... so i hope i can stay focused and get a whole bunch of beautiful materials made! i know i won't have a complete set of everything from my albums this first year, but plan to by the end of next summer. so this year, i'll do what i can and set a goal of making something at least weekly. montessori classroom prep is like an ongoing scavenger hunt ... in fact i have found some great items at goodwill/antique shops while here in st. louis! sooooo much fun!! (also so much $$ ....oy)

in other news ... well, there's not much. i've drawn up a preliminary personal budget for next year that i think is going to help tremendously ... i do this every year, but have trouble sticking to it. but if you've kept up with my blog, you'll know i'm just about ready to cross the line from intention (which took me two years to somewhat define, and build up through more simple living steps) to action. if all goes well, i can save a good wad of cash in various expenditure accounts (more later, maybe) and pay off my grad student loan debt in five years instead of ten! we shall see! i think all this home and garden tv i've been watching in my spare time has been inspiring. tv is not always the devil ... heehee ... but i'm still considering selling my set, among other things.

yes, still hoping to move by september or october and start paying a couple hundred dollars a month less in rent. i'm not sure yet on the fate of two of my three cats. it's a double-edged sword.

ah, five days of rest ... i need it. and a holiday weekend, to boot! cool!

much love,



  1. yay!! so excited for you karen, and for the children who will be beside you. as the legend goes, montessori teachers are the best thrifters/tag salers around! ;) good luck with your classroom, it's going to be wonderful. xo

  2. Karen,

    Can you tell me what your education entailed to become a Montessori teacher? I've always been curious about this. Thanks!

    Oh - and I posted a hearty congratulations to you the other night and something went wrong with the post. I was on a tight schedule and couldn't repost. But suffice it to say that you should be very proud of yourself. You are going to make a great teacher!