Sunday, July 11, 2010

high summer is nigh

i can't seem to find my uploader-cable, or else i'd have more recent "back home" pics to share with you ... soon, my friends, soon. in the meantime, don't you just love that entryway? that's the school where i did my montessori training at for the past three summers. it's so open and airy. lots of natural light. very montessori to the core!

today was one of those perfect summer days. hot but not too much humidity, not a cloud in the sky. did a 5-mile walk in the park, and came home to a huge bowl of local blackberries and blueberries and soy yogurt and flaxseeds. and soon, to a spot of knitting. this week, i intend to return to the park and lay for hours on a blanket with my new love, soaking up the warmth and smells and sounds of summer. ahhhhhh.

news on the apartment front. i know my last post was all about how i wanted to stay, but all along i had a feeling i'd be fooled into thinking that temporarily. sure enough, i feel i'm being forced out by the realtor. the serendipitious part to this, however, is that the last people to see the place are thinking of making an offer on it. this would be .... well, "whatever" business to me, but for two things: the guy's sister is one of my friends' best friends, and we got to talking while he was in there with his wife looking at my place: she owns a condo that she's wanting to rent, and it's right ON the park i just mentioned! and 10 minutes or so closer to my work. and it's cheaper than what i pay now. if her brother and his wife get the place, i'll have to move b/c they were talking about converting the whole place to a one-family dwelling so, things are as they are meant to be. i'll likely be moving sometime before the end of this summer, downsizing to a one-bedroom but the good news is a place to myself ... AND all three cats! there is a little patio for my cats, and i can control the heat in winter. all that's left is to see it ....

about my classroom. after a week straight of cleaning a mess so bad you couldn't see the floor, it's now almost ready for my first summer interview this coming friday. i couldn't be happier about the progress i'm making. now to just order materials through the office that i need, and make the ones i can't order. just a month until school begins again, i can't believe it! my own classroom!

hopefully a few entirely lazy days like today are in store before the routine creeps up on me again. or nights like last night: homemade cold vegan pesto pasta with local summer veg and a wonderful free performance of Shakespeare in the Park, Richard III style.

enjoy your week!

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  1. I love that picture, but anytime I see the word Montessori it makes my heart smile :)