Tuesday, July 20, 2010

topsy turvy, and the goal for strength, peace, balance.

things are going better around here. my sleeping schedule is still really off. but there are some good things keeping me sane, if not eternally busy.

i am busy moving to yet another apartment (my house sold) ... and working on phase two of my new classroom, having pretty much finished the big clean out/set up. the fact that both these things are happening concurrently is difficult.

i am turning to centering, grounding things: cleaning out TONS of clutter and furniture I don't need simply by selling it/giving to Goodwill (we're talking three huge boxes full of clothes, books, DVDs, random other assorted knick knack stuff I don't need, extra dishes, etc., TWO couches, a lamp with shelves, a nightstand, my TV set and DVD player, TV stand, two suitcases ... you get the idea. it's a LOT.)

i am moving into a much smaller apartment that will be temporary (8 months max) on my way to hopefully something much more permanent. it's very close to the park i love to walk in, though, and much closer to work. and i like that by its very nature it will make my life more simple. this is the most decluttering i've ever done, and i feel, for the first time in my life, finally able to LET GO of all the stuff. What's important, I have really just what I need and not much more: clothes, a bed, knitting and sewing supplies, yoga mat, books, my laptop, cooking necessities. It will be a true sanctuary that maybe I'll decorate throughout with plants, flowers, other things from nature.

I have turned to cooking, also to balance. Right now i'm in the process (despite the sweltering KY heat, but it is cooler nights) of cooking a homemade (crust and sauce) vegan pizza: vegan mozzarella, peppers, and onions.

I have gone to the yoga studio two nights in a row. It helps to even out the rollercoaster, surreal feelings that come with moving. among other things that are going on in my life right now. nothing to worry about, just ... stressful stuff.

I've knitted a gift for a friend, it just needs to be sewn up the seam and have a ribbon added. It's hard to knit right now ... I just don't feel like it in the summer. Hoping this may change as I look for restful activities.

A girl's night tomorrow, and hopefully lunch with another girlfriend on Thursday. really lacking in girl time right now. This will hopefully provide some balance, too.

Taking it easy, trying to roll with both the punches and the good times, sleep well, eat enough (haven't wanted to eat all summer, product of the heat), keep true to myself and not overextend. Each minute as it comes, mostly.

Trying to stick to a vegan diet (isn't hard for me at this point, yay!!). my body feels so clean and strong when I eat vegan. and i mean a whole-foods/unprocessed diet without refined grains, too. mainly i've been doing tons of all the beautiful local fruit and veg i find around here, some bok choy from california, tofu (i eat this like meat eaters are supposed to eat meat, as a side dish), quinoa, soy "chicken" nuggets, Amy's "burgers", soy or coconut yogurt, nuts, seeds, cutting down on all oils, and well ... that's about it. you know how cooking goes in summer, for the most part.

I do hope to get at least four or five complete "vacation" feeling days, though, in the month before school starts up again. You know ... reading, long walks, beer or dinner with friends. I want a real vacation. Maybe next year.

I froze some peppers from the farmer's market today. I'm wondering, between the strawberries I froze a couple months ago, and these, how i'm going to fit anything else in my freezer. i'll be happy come wintertime to have local produce on hand, though. i've achieved my small goal of trying to preserve stuff. it's not too hard. i'm determined to get some sundried tomatoes in jars, too. more on that, maybe when the moving dust settles.

My basil and chard have been faithful plants all summer, so I'll do those again next year, and more of each. I'd like to add herbs at some point, and maybe another vegetable.

Can't wait to read your beautiful blogs to feel some more peace. Headache ... maybe some legs up the wall before bed, too.

tomorrow, mid-week farmer's market. contemplating a peach-blackberry cobbler. or maybe ... more of what you see below :-)



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