Tuesday, October 12, 2010

bread and crafts.

i am sitting home tonight, knitting and waiting for my dinner (chocolate zucchini bread!!) to finish up in the oven.

in all of my free time (ha!), i am tossing around the idea of starting a Montessori-themed blog. perhaps on wordpress ... i hear good things about it. i think it will keep me honest to the montessori method (which i think is easy to slip away from, especially if you are not held accountable to your AMI training by AMI board members or whatever they are called), and allow me to link to other montessorians and share ideas and so forth. the idea came to me as i was searching for an appropriate nature-based fall/Halloween craft, which of course has been fruitless ... blah. My children are not simply going to punch pumpkins or color dittos!

we are going to bake pumpkin chocolate chip bars ... soon ... from scratch.

oh, how i love fall! you should have seen the red leaves in the school parking lot this afternoon. divine!

and speaking of divine, that's about how my kitchen smells right now! can't wait to slather on the vegan butter and eat away!

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