Wednesday, October 13, 2010

for the love of peppermint!

was surfing the web for montessori crafts (i think i'm going to make soap and put leaves inside!) and thought i'd share this with all of you. i'm a bit addicted to peppermint ANYTHING (about to go drink some more peppermint tea, actually), and think that vegan soaps make GREAT gifts with handmade dishcloths!

any-who, that's about all i got for tonight, y'all.

got invited to dinner after babysitting, sat outside on the patio, had a veggie burger and fries and it started to storm and pour and we all had to walk home and get drenched!

it was fun. the rain is still pattering down on the roof, and the lightning is flashing.

holding off on the hot shower i'm dying to take.

also going to make my usual daiya cheddar bake for lunch tomorrow.

tomorrow is school picture day. i despise school picture day. chiefly because i hate the way i look in posed, professional photos. ugh. i am not that ugly in real life! i considered coloring my hair .. it needs it ... but it's too late and i just want to relax with some knitting and reading.

oh, yeah, here's the link for the soap. what would we do without etsy?

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