Wednesday, November 10, 2010

homebody's update

hi, everybody.

just a quick update from the nesting homebody who isn't spending any money these days.

all is well, exhausted today after two very late nights. with good reason though.

my to-do list lately has been scant and it's been lovely. hike. knit. read books. read blogs. seriously, that's it.

i still don't feel much like putting myself "out there" and this is okay though i am somewhat missing female-friend companionship. however i am attending a benefit sunday night at a local winery for a dear musician-friend i know who needs to get on the heart transplant list. literally heartbreaking, but also hopeful.

i'm craving the comfort of stews and chunky soups these days. i made one the other night, in fact, spicy roasted butternut squash with homemade oregano/thyme foccacia bread. thank you to the Vegan with a Vengeance cookbook for that one. it's my favorite!

i think i'm boycotting christmas this year. well, like last year. i downsize it more each year. it becomes more about handmades/fair trade baubles/locally-produced and made products each year. i want to try my hand at vegan peppermint bark.

i'm currently knitting a scarf and a dishcloth, and a baby hat (this last one for a friend's project to help orphaned infants and children in China). progress is slow. i am not consistent.

(here i am, enjoying a local festival, excited to be in layers)

the time change has messed with my energy levels, it'll take me a couple weeks before i get used to it being dark at 6 p.m. (sorry fellow new englanders, i know you have it much worse). the temps are chilly here at night but still getting up to 75 during the day! i don't get it. but i'm still craving soups and stews and snuggles in cardigans.

(easy "eco art" project i found in a library book for crafting with children ... these will be potato "porcupines" if the grass seed grows)

since the finances post, i've learned to go literally DAYS without spending a dime. it feels like a struggle, but it also feels good. going to bed early, well, that's still a mess. 11:30 seems to be the earliest i can do. ideally i'd like to go to bed at 9:30 and wake up at 5:30 ... two hours for yoga, meditation, coffee, prep for work, and maybe even some knitting/reading/sewing before leaving for work. i don't know. maybe someday.

yoga holds steady at once/twice per week. i'd like to walk more, but the hikes are making up a good balance on weekends.

i like being a HUGE introvert right now. still, i'm thinking a smallish dinner gathering of friends would be really nice.

i take the train home to connecticut in a month. i can't wait to be home. i love being home for a short time.

(this turned out to be a magical day that turned into a magical weekend. i wonder what will come of what happened that weekend. man i loved that weekend.)

i guess that's all that's happening here right now. i'm gonna make some stove-topped popcorn, knit and read a bit, and go to sleep earlier than the last two nights.


  1. Luckily you'll get some girl time when you're back in CT soon!! :)

    Your porcupines are *adorable*. I hope they work out & I look forward to seeing pictures! Great idea. :)

    I think you should try getting up early and maybe that will convert you? I remember before my first job when I lived in Woodbury, I'd get up an hour early and eat breakfast and read, and it was soooo relaxing & centering before work. Granted, I lived 1 mile from my job, so I didn't have to get up *that* early...heh.

    Hope your knitting continues to go steadily enough! I totally get that sometimes being immersed in it & sometimes ignoring it for days...le sigh.

    Miss you. See you soon!! xoxo

  2. Hey Karen! It was so great to see you on Saturday. And if you ever need some girl time, just give me a holler, that's what I live for :) Also, I'd love to cook with you sometime, that pumpkin lasagna was delicious. I need to practice more, I follow recipes very well but I'd like to find my own flair someday. Have a great week!