Wednesday, December 1, 2010

just a few thoughts.

current storefront for Why Louisville, on Bardstown Road here in Louisville

ending online time before 9 p.m. daily (exceptions made for knitting patterns and recipes!) is a healthy recipe for a healthy mind and healthy eyes.

popcorn on the stove can solve most daily whole grain deficiencies.

daily walks are a must, grit the teeth into the cold weather and just go with it. your heart is begging you to go! :-)

school nights, bed around 10:30 is best.

thursday night stitch and bitch until 9 p.m. is essential, both for knitting productivity and for feeling the comfort of being around others.

friday night pizzas must resume. homemade, of course. with summer's pesto coming out of the freezer for the occasion.

out-loud, calm meditations on how life is really not so bad and will get even better:: best done unplanned, as you walk into your tiny, neat, cozy, lamplit craft studio (as yet relatively unused due to the fact that winter will soon ... is now ... render-[ing] the unheated space virtually unusable), and sink down against the wall, feeling at home and at peace with things, if only just for a few golden moments

realizing you don't HAVE to spend money on your 10-day sojourn home on anything other than basics is nice.

realizing you can make vegan peppermint bark in CT, that's nice, too.

being able to fit all your christmas presents for the whole family into your suitcase instead of spending $ to send them home ahead of time b/c you have so much: priceless

being contemplated at both a local bakery and a local health foods store for a part-time job after new year's! feels good!

living simply and frugally, with just what you need and no more (although maybe enough for a midwinter clothing/item "naked lady" swap ... hmm...)feels pretty good on this cold, contemplative night.

the best winter pajamas are old leggings, wool hiking socks, a vintage nightgown, and a very soft white sweater.

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  1. I love you for how cozy & content your posts make me feel. <3