Sunday, March 20, 2011

sunday update

st. patrick's day was fun! i love cloggers. those two girls go to my school.

Today is one of those nice, slow Sundays where I bake, knit, read blogs and books (today's reading will feature learning about raised bed gardening from two books i checked out of the library). In fact, I have vegan cinnamon roll dough rising as i write. it smells delicious!

I wanted to share with you some pictures I've taken recently. I know, no knitting pictures yet, I'll get there! Bear with me here. Been going outside more and taking advantage of all the gorgeous warm weather here in Kentucky! So many early spring flowers and budding-green trees to admire.

On the knitting front, however, I have started my first-ever sweater, in newborn size, from a library book called Nursery Knits. Some very cute vintage patterns in there! I also discovered a new local yarn shop. It's in Indiana (just over the river from where I live) and called The Grinny Possum. Cute, huh? I also picked up my first Elizabeth Zimmermann book - Knitting Without Tears! I love her sense of humor.

On the menu plan this week: more vegan tuna wraps with pickles and sea salt chips, chocolate chip cookies (dear bf's request), vegan corn chowder with a local bakery baguette, vegan cheddar pasta bake, homemade pesto/red pepper/mushroom pizza, an asian stir-fry with veggies and white rice (made by dear bf), and green smoothies!

I'm excited that the farmer's market should start having veggies again real soon. mmmmm ... asparagus! We're also signing up for a vegan CSA share this year. Can't wait!

Oh, yeah, the pictures. Here ya go. Happy weekending, everyone!

spinach ... lots of that being used lately! mostly i took it for the glimpse of daylight through my kitchen window

my kindergarten children, writing a story with the moveable alphabet

vanilla cake, veganized, from the awesome pretty cookbook Apples for Jam

hiking!! A three-mile hike yesterday here, followed by an amazing veg dinner at P.F. Chang's (finally got to eat there!). The coconut curry tofu dish is out. of. this. world.

tigger, in one of my clothing baskets, sunning himself in the studio.

love and light,


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  1. Sounds like a lovely Sunday. Your meals for the coming week sounds delicious - any chance of getting some recipes? :-)