Monday, August 22, 2011

busy bees here in kentucky!

(pretty fountain, Brooklyn NY)

I just realized I haven't posted an entry in ... oh, almost two weeks!

oh my!

well, i've been super busy ...

getting a new part-time job at a montessori school

setting up my own home-based montessori-inspired business

painting walls in the home classroom

buying antique furniture for said classroom

making up yummy summer eats: black bean croquettes, polenta and pinto bean casserole, roasted summer veg with red quinoa and pesto sauce, and bean salad. i know beans have been quite a theme here lately. what can i say, they are cheap and easy to prepare!

i finished a knitted christmas present ... too bad you can't see it b/c the recipient reads this blog but maybe i'll post on ravelry ... will you friend me there, knitting friends? i've only just begun on there. upcoming projects include a sweater for my dog, socks and legwarmers for me, a hat for dbf, a baby sweater just for practice (since the last one i did i knit an arm backwards somehow!!), dishcloth, a shawl for my grandma, and socks or a hat for my grandpa. and sewing, my oh my i think i'll make my first project coasters. i love to make people use coasters!

somewhere in here fall research i'm doing for papers on unschooling and free play ....

it's all good. i just don't make it here too much!

hope you're all enjoying the last weeks of summer (or winter, if you're down under like Libby and Rhonda and Jenny Wren!)

love and light,


oh, pictures to come soon, soon !!!

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