Sunday, October 16, 2011


Here I am again, popping in as promised.
I'm taking this entire Sunday to myself and my dog, who is very happy to have me here all day, all to himself. I am: slow cooking dry pinto beans for a lentil-bean-veg stew I'm making for dinner tonight finishing my current novel (Sarah's Key) and starting my new one (The Help - finally) updating my blog (read all of yours last night) already - walked my dog, got a coffee and cheese-filled croissant from the local bakery. pastry is rare these days as I've been focusing a lot on my health. It was delicious. folded laundry, tidied the kitchen and bedroom i will - knit on my socks, go five minutes' drive down the road to work out at the Y and lift weights (in two months I've lost 5.5 inches from my waist! dropped almost four pant sizes). Yesterday, I tried a new farmer's market. I only wish I had my camera with me. What a warm, joy-filled place, and our weather here has been fantastic, sunny and just the right balance of warm/cool. Next week, I'll try to remember photos. Between today and tomorrow, I'm also hoping to make a pumpkin-sage lasagna and I've had lot of requests via Facebook for the recipe, so I'll try and post that, as well. The ex-dbf got on a plane yesterday. I have one more wall to paint and have decided to let both rooms on the second floor and move my little old self into the attic where there is plenty of room for both my bed and a place to use the sewing machine.
The word "simplify" has been a lot in my thoughts again lately. It's worked its way into my thoughts about this large space I rent, the meals I cook, and the things I do outside my home that cost money. I'm glad it's come back. I have not been extravagant, but I have not been consciously saying yes to some things and no to others, either. I think sometimes we get so caught up in life that we forget about the importance of frugality, slowing down, and saving money. Perhaps this reflection and conscious slowing is what makes autumn time so special to me. I'd like to engage more in: less online time, more handmades (knitting AND sewing), simple meals (have been already doing this for a couple of weeks), making daily time for a workout, more reading, and reaching out to friends, inviting them over to enjoy a big pot of stew together or just coffee and dessert. Also want to start making earlier bedtimes a priority again. I got out of a good routine when I was completing my master's thesis and let my night owl take over. Here's to my October mantra, which I hope will carry me comfortably through the winter months to come: Simplify. What are you doing to simplify your days? your life?


  1. I am drooling over those yummy food photos and descriptions! I'm really intrigued by the pumpkin sage sounds right up my alley.

    I think I love autumn for many of the same reasons. It's so beautiful outside, I can't help but stop and take a look---especially because the season is always so fleeting. I've been spending a lot less time on the internet, too, and a lot more time cooking simple meals, playing with my daughter, completing little tasks around the house, reading, making Christmas gifts, and doing some cross-stitch. It's nice to remind myself that I AM much happier when my life is simpler and when I'm giving myself direction (instead of spending ages on the internet doing nothing, for example.)

  2. Wow, I am impressed by your dedication to your health. You are doing great :) I am trying to simplify more and save money too. I think it does have a lot to do with the time of year. I'm less conscious of things in the summer time, like money, eating habits, etc. but when fall rolls around I start pulling myself back in ;) I just started knitting some dish cloths and pot holders for Christmas presents. Looking forward to spending more time doing that :)

  3. Sounds like a delightful, and delicious day. Really a perfect day to my way of thinking.
    Sorry to read about the ex-dbf - I must have missed that. Hope it was an amicable split.
    I think we all need to focus more on similifying. I find I try to focus on too many things at once and then get overwhelmed. For now I'm focusing on looking after my home and family, with the next emphasis being eating for health.
    Oh, and I've put you into my close friends list on facebook so I can keep in touch better - as I've not been on facebook as much lately.