Wednesday, February 29, 2012

my days lately

the kitchen gets the best light, so most of my waking time (seriously!) is spent in there. as a matter of fact, i'm headed in there soon to make some strawberry-oat bars. the whole foods workshop is seriously getting way more plant matter into my diet, making me a very happy almost-vegan (the ice cream is john's, i did still a hunk for our spicy hot chocolate and my soy vanilla ice cream stayed frozen). cooking from scratch is a commitment, but one i very much enjoy. sometimes you just have to learn that chopping your veggies a day or two ahead of time is just fine.

i've picked up my knitting needles to finish some long-unfinished projects and hope to post pictures of those soon. it feels good.

that last picture is an antique tray that john and i picked up in lancaster county and he hung for me last night while i was at work. also now hanging is my menu planning montessori chalkboard ;-)

the funeral for john's dad is saturday. it's been a rough week, but despite the ups and downs we're hoping to do something fun in Philly tomorrow. it will be good for both of us. i'm just trying my damndest to muddle through these waters which are entirely murky to me. keep the home fresh and clean, laundry folded, food made. it's how i show my love, mainly, through this gentle yet so necessary art of homemaking. how i feel settled in a place that may still be temporary for us depending on how job searching and interviews goes. how it helps keep me centered and strong in mind and heart to love more when loving more is needed (which takes many forms, it's amazing how many .... ).

so if you'll excuse me, i think i'll get back to those yummy fruit bars. and maybe my knitting needles. yeah, that feels right.

peace to you and yours today.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about John's dad. My husband's mom died shortly before we got married and it was such a hard and weird time in our lives. But its good that you all have each other, hang in there :)

  2. So many yummy eats. I'm keen to make those raspberry oat bars - will try to in the next day or two. I'm really keen to get back to playing in the kitchen but my arthritis is acting up at the moment :-(. Hope you manage to get that day of fun. It can't be an easy time for either of you. Love how you focus on making home comfortable. I agree 100% - and it makes everything that much easier to cope with.

  3. Karen, I'm sorry to hear about John's dad. So much grief for you both lately. My condolences. Keep eating healthy and keeping your bodies strong as I'm sure this all very draining emotionally and physically. Be good to each other.