Friday, April 13, 2012

getting more organized.

Hollis, New Hampshire. I LOVED this place.

there's nothing like a short trip away from your everyday life that gets the self going again -- mentally, emotionally ... organizationally to benefit the latter two things.

there are some things on my mind:

paying off credit card debt, once and for ALL. i signed up for a debt consolidation program today. i'm committed to a set monthly payment for a set number of months over the next couple years. i kept my lowest-balance card open so once that's paid current, i can use it to build up my credit score again. this was a HUGE relief even though it is still an important monetary commitment.

finding some freelance writing jobs (work from home things) online. extra pocket money toward debt payoff? ability to have flexibility in hours? hmmmm.....

sitting down with john in a stress-free environment (like our local coffee shop) and figuring out a budget for the four months prior to our mystery move (depends where i am hired) so that we have enough to move and live on and all that ....

really making time for creative endeavors, especially one or more of the following: learning banjo, knitting, sewing.

making more time to just read good books (my friend Cate over at Liberal Simplicity -- see link at sidebar). I can't seem to fly through them when I devote too much time to the all-consuming computer

doing a HUGE spring clean. I know we live in a tiny place but it gets cluttered so easily. what do we really truly NOT need? I'm always finding ways to minimize. I like SPACE not STUFF. when i feel overwhelmed by STUFF i have an accordingly overwhelming desire to run away from it. not always good. your home should be comfortable, despite the size.

more oxygen. basically, more getting out and walking, walking, walking. and somehow, more yoga. maybe not the pay-for-it kind, but more yoga all the same. asanas.

learning that my grandma was a stay-at-home mom until her seventh baby was in first grade. and that she likes that i want to do the same (umm not seven babies lol). YES. i can start my own school when i feel more ready. yes indeedy.

thanks for listening.
crossing my fingers i'll get to live and work in beautiful new hampshire!!


  1. Sounds like you know what needs to be done. Best wishes for the job - sure does look like a beautiful area..

  2. wonderful intentions that i think are universals, so you are not alone!! <3 you

    glad you had such a refreshing trip!!

  3. Hi Karen,
    I hope you get this NH job or another one in an area you find equally inspiring. It does a lot for our well being to be in a place that we love as well as doing what we love. Writing from home in the in between times seems like a good plan. Thank you for replying to one of my recent posts about life/money stresses. Jake and I are planning on doing a similar thing of sitting down in one of our favorite coffee shops and hammering out a budget. We've already decided to cut out eating out for a while, but keep our weekly coffee shop stop because it does so much to clear our heads. I did a big Spring clean out recently, but I already feel like I need a second one. It's easy to accumulate so much in a short time. Well meaning family also gives us a lot more than we can often handle. But I agree, space is more important than things. Good luck with all these changes your trying to make. Life can get very overwhelming at times, even when we have lots of love surrounding us. It's important to breathe deep and appreciate all that we do have and all the potential there is in the universe.