Sunday, August 26, 2012

August 26:: catching up to now.

I know it's been a long time.

I've been on here reading other blogs, but mostly I'm extremely frustrated because I finally fixed my camera (it just needed a new battery), only to realize that now, for some reason, my photos will not upload to my laptop. Any advice on this is greatly appreciated. And there is so much prettiness here to take pictures of.

We are settling in slowly, and both getting our respective classrooms ready for children. John starts with children tomorrow, mine come the day after Labor Day. The house is mostly done, with a few more random boxes of stuff to be sorted through and put away. We each have our own hobby/personal space room, mine is sparsely furnished, and will be for knitting and crafts, and yoga.

I joined a gym about a block and a half away from my house and have been going nearly every day, I'm trying to lose about 30 lbs. which is coming off so slowly.

It's good to be cooking and menu planning again. I have a good kitchen to do so. I'll be making a lot of my friend Cate's recipes coming up, bacon pasta carbonara, red lentil curry, chickpea pasta, and vegetable-stuffed potatoes. Also, I've baked a scrumptious carrot cake and a rosemary braided bread, and vegan strawberry scones, all were out of this world. I believe in using REAL ingredients and when you make richer meals you actually eat less, at least I find.

We are very close to the beach, a five-minute walk. It's a family beach and free to access. It's also on the Chesapeake Bay, so no waves but we do get lots of boat wake and mini waves. The town has a fishing pier that's fun to walk out on. I also recently found a great wooden dock that would be perfect for a morning yoga practice.

As usual when September rolls around, I'm thinking of personal goals I want to accomplish. In my relationship, I'm trying to be a better listener and communicator (neither are natural strengths of mine, sad to say). In my own life, I would like to no longer fear my sewing machine. I'm trying to get hooked up with horseback riding lessons. I want to start reading my how-to banjo book, and practicing even five minutes a day. I also want to find a good knitting project (once my yarn is out of boxes and organized!) and get going again (I tend to not knit in summer). Is that too much? Maybe. I also want to continue to be gentle on myself, I am actually pretty good at that most days.

I also need to start planning my wedding, that's scary. I need to keep in mind that I just want it to be a big, fun party overall. I don't want it to be too stressful, or expensive. It's just one day. A big day, but one day. Ya know?

I hate the picture situation I'm in. I really need to get that straightened out. I'm sorry! What a boring blog with no photographs.

Thanks for hangin' in there despite my long absences lately.

love and light,


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  1. I *always* love seeing that there is a new post from you, however long it takes you to pop back 'round! :) xoxo