Sunday, November 18, 2012

on turning 33:: 19 november

Another trip around the sun!!

Here is the laundry list for 32::

got a new tattoo on the actual day, a banjo with "Louisville" in script on my left shoulder. I miss this city all the time ..... it's so very special to me, and I can't wait to drive out there and visit it and Asheville, NC this summer!
started dating the love of my life
got engaged on New Year's Eve morning
finished my master's thesis
lived in three states
worked at two Montessori schools (including my first AMI school!)
got officially proposed to on remote, unique tangier island with a beautiful ring blending old and new (my love of vintage played a part!)
survived a nasty hurricane

This year, I am looking forward to continuing to improve in certain areas of teaching, planning our simple, rustic wedding, and making a semi-permanent plan to put down some roots in a place that will benefit both of us (also our mini-honeymoon, hopefully in nova scotia/prince edward island!). Learning how to sew and continuing to improve my knitting. Also, creating my healthiest self with having a baby in mind! Saving more money, too. I'm finally saving, at long last!

In January I have decided to go vegan for two months and see what happens. It just feels like the right thing to do. I have eaten "good" meat (pastured/grass fed, with a few slip-ups, one of the downsides of sliding back into omnivory) occasionally for the past six months (mostly curious about this recent craze/trend?), as well as seafood (we live in coastal VA, so everything is local, or I'm eating wild-caught atlantic salmon), and realize I'd grown so used to 5.5 years of vegetarianism (with one mostly vegan year somewhere in the middle) that really ... it still feels best for me to eat a plant-based diet with minimal soy or processed vegan products (like tofurkey). I have some real ethical issues regarding the way animals, yes, even grass-fed "happy" ones, are killed for the pleasure of our palates. I never feel quite right after eating them, regardless of taste. Jury's still out on cheese, greek yogurt, and eggs, I don't like the way cheese ever makes me feel, even though we eat the best (amish-produced) from a local market. I only eat yogurt and eggs at home due to concerns about sourcing at restaurants. But for two months, I can do it. I think the key thing is variety, unprocessed stuff, and lots of healthy sleep, exercise, and yoga. Best thing is, John has said he will go vegan at home to support me! Yay!!

We are looking forward to spending a quiet Thanksgiving at home with a few local outings planned. Our one-year anniversary is Sunday. We will go out for Indian food and watch Lincoln and maybe get fro-yo on the way home. Sounds perfect to me. Knitting and reading in my craft/yoga space. I love a long span at home to regroup and rest. I'm not ready for Christmas yet, for me it starts in December no matter what. I've really pared down the gift-giving to spend it reveling in the magic of giving to those in need, baking yummy-smelling treats, looking at the decorated world around, drinking yummy coffee concoctions and spiced cider, and watching snow fall (hopefully!).



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