Saturday, March 1, 2014

still here ... with some big news!

Ok, no picture yet but ... it's been 3 weeks since I last posted. Yikes. I just haven't been too picture-happy lately is all.

Things here are good, and there's MAJOR news I am happy to announce :: I have found a NEW JOB! That's right, in just over three months from now we'll be moving out of the sticks and into the Washington, D.C. area (!!). I'll be working at a year-round Montessori school and DH has a good chance of getting a job there, too. This will be my first experience with year-round Montessori so I have mixed feelings but we are very, very happy to be getting off the Shore which has been a mixed bag (loved my job but hated a lot about this area, honestly) the last two years. This also means my job will start in June with not much time off in between but the school is very professional and well set-up with a lot of support. It's a beautiful school really. Of course there won't be a lag in pay between jobs which is really really great. We plan, if all goes well, to be in this area for quite a long time. I'm a bit nervous about green space, but I love being virtually ON the Amtrak path which can shoot me to New England and other greener points fairly quickly, there are also some major state parks to the west in VA and WVA about three hours or less away.

So that's the first major bit of news for us, post-marriage! We are so excited to have many personal, professional, and cultural opportunities to pursue. It will be a great area to raise a family in I think.

On the homefront, I'm just trying to take March to relax. February was quite a whirlwind of activity with traveling for job interviews, for the annual Montessori conference in Texas, not many weekends home for balance and I was more than a little out of sorts about that. Spent today doing some deep cleaning and I feel my home mojo is back :-) I made homemade deodorant, froze bananas for smoothies, and prepped breakfast sandwiches for the week ahead. We're also on solid menu plans again.

I would like to get my meals even simpler. I know this happens naturally moving toward spring and summer, when we live off smoothies and cold salads mostly it seems, and grilled stuff (thank you Staub grill pan wedding gift!). But the grocery spending ... oh my. I'm excited about possibly joining a CSA for the first time ever since we are finally settling in an area for a long while. Have I mentioned how excited i am to finally start settling somewhere? Yeah. We're ready for it.

I have some long-neglected knitting and knitting podcasts to get to, so ... I won't stay here too much longer today. Promise to post photos as I have them. I've realized that I can't be like the mama bloggers out there. I don't stay home (yet .... fingers crossed for someday....), and I can't cook every single night. I just can't. So those nights there might be pizza or Subway. I mean, I work FULL time. And the house can't always look perfect like some blogs out there make theirs out to be. I can do what I can do as far as homemaking stuff and working out and have to let the rest go. This is hard for me to accept because I'm "all about the self-improvement" as my DH puts it. If I can't let go sometimes, my personal hobbies suffer, my relationships suffer, my body suffers, and life just needs to feel fun and spontaneous sometimes. Yes, I'm working on it.

Have a lovely week!


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