Wednesday, April 16, 2014

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Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window... all is dark and quiet as it's late ... i've been burning oil looking at houses to move into, all the while wishing we could pack up this marsh house in our truck ... 

I am thinking... that I'm so happy we are starting a new chapter of our lives in such a calm, prepared frame of mind. 

I am thankful... for our months in the marsh house, for its antiques and hardwood floors and quiet marsh backyard and all the birds who live and pass through here

In the kitchen... a mess from tonight's stir-fry -- tofu, spaghetti, mushrooms, asparagus, cashews. it was amazing asian deliciousness!! a keeper, for sure (from heart of the plate by mollie katzen). it was vegan. 

I am wearing... old yoga t-shirt, cameo necklace from my MIL, jeans, leather boots. i never seem to take these boots off. 

I am creating... another Simple Things shawl for my MIL for mother's day. a plan of action for our new life in pretty (but scarily $$$) northern va ... a way to be a better wife to my amazing husband. i'm too cranky sometimes :-) 

I am going... to take my vitamins, get in bed and read Happier at Home/Bleak House

I am wondering... where we will end up next ... 

I am reading... Dickens (bleak house). Rubin (happier at home). Wanting to start The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey. 

I am hoping... that I will give as many lessons as I can to my 24 children before school's over and i wont' have those sweet faces to look at and love and guide anymore.

I am looking forward to... moving! new job! upcoming four-day weekend! indian food! reading and knitting over the long weekend! my tax refund arriving! 

I am learning... how to be a better human. how to handle money like a grownup. how to chill out sometimes. 

Around the house.. so happy i got through the stuff in the attic. cleared a ton of clutter, things i didn't need that just kept getting carted to every house. this house has just what we need with some artfully chosen antiques and keepsakes. my closet isn't full to bursting anymore. i LOVE the space in the closet. i love that we've pared down. i would like a few more enamelware refrigerator dishes for food storage. the new french press makes me happy. it was worth the splurge. we turned the heat back on, to my chagrin, few colder days ahead. i'm so hoping to keep the desk and that we won't be charged a ton for the furniture we want to keep (especially the bed!). 

I am pondering... when i should make the cookies john loves. 

One of my favorite things... staying up late after john's in bed. reading inspirational books like Simple Abundance and actually attempting to live out the principles. same for simple living blogs. 

A few plans for the rest of the week: grocery shopping, making pizza friday night, more swimming (i'm up to 25 laps and 32 is a mile!), more knitting, more reading. indian food and buying new jeans at old navy on sunday (dog ate last pair!). snuggles with hubby. walks with dog. make some contacts in moving world. 

A peek into my day... it's late ... i should be getting in bed. ... after school i gave one of my children's dads some math lessons he was wondering about ... then i went swimming at the Y. great stress reliever. i felt so good. came home and made dinner. it was a simple, decent day without too much stress. 

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  1. I love these thoughtful lists!

    How wonderful that you are so calm and prepared for this move. Seems less forced and hurried than most moves can be. It's especially nice that you've been able to pare down. I am collecting an awful lot of news / informational papers, brochures, etc that I think are *important.* But I don't look through them! I also email / bookmark way too many things. My coworker says I should be an archivist. That I like to work in information. Hah!

    I'm so happy for this window into your life. It's lovely to hear what happens in a montessori day and I'll bet those moments (of teaching lessons, of imparting values) are very rewarding and sweet. true connection. I wish my job involved more real connection and less transactional / administrative tasks. I am doing some career planning, however, and have a couple possible opportunities that I am nursing at the moment. (A higher-up job at a music center in parks & rec & a possible temporary job during the time-based arts festival this September-- I would be working in community engagement. Nice folks. I've had a nice time volunteering with them for a couple years. I miss non-profits..)
    Love and light.
    Miss and love you!