Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Boy is Born

He's here! Healthy Baby George Andrew Fuller.

12 days early. ... born on March 16. Luck of the Irish!

6lbs, 11 oz. 19 inches

14 hours of labor (no epidural, go me!!), 5 hours of pushing.

Gorgeous tiny ball of love.

We are honeymooning at home getting to know him better.

Mama is having lots of fun reading novels and knitting, too ;-) More to come as time and energy allow.


Karen xx

Georgie and Daddy (my dad made that quilted throw)

George's first few minutes of life.
Hanging with Grandpa on his topponcino


  1. GASP! He's beautiful! Warmest congratulations to you, Karen! Enjoy your little cocooning time. :)

    1. Thanks Nicole!! Are you back blogging again? I love your little corner so!

  2. not sure if that went through... aww I love this post!!!

    what time was he born? it'd be cool to do a natal chart for him!!