Tuesday, May 5, 2015

It's May!

Hello, there!
We have been enjoying a glorious spring, in addition (as you can see) to some much-needed spring cleaning/decluttering. I needed to "open up" my small townhouse spaces and I am now happy with the result. Bloom where you are planted and all (it's no secret I'm not a huge fan of the suburbs where we currently live...and especially not that carpet). I would LOVE to be growing stuff on our back patio this year but too many life changes ... again. Sigh. Some day ....
But I've been giving myself up to the things I CAN do that matter. George, who is seven weeks and sleeping like a champ through the night :-) :-) :-) ... knitting as I'm able ... cooking (enjoying Heather's online whole foods kitchen workshop currently) ... reading books while I'm nursing. I have been going on job interviews at various Montessori schools in the area and I'm hoping to be able to make a decision this month. I'm trying to get some summer babysitting, knit for my eventual Etsy shop, and I'm exploring becoming a wellness advocate for doTerra essential oils for some side cash. Researching yarn dyeing and making beeswax candles are future projects right now. Newborns are quite labor intensive! ;-)
Also in the pictures above, you see we found a pretty new park to walk in. I'm trying to walk nearly every day, luckily even when I just stick to my immediate neighborhood there are some good hilly spots and flights of stairs to really get my heart rate up. I've also switched over to "clean" eating. basically this looks like non-gluten grains (aside from multigrain sourdough), pastured/grassfed meat and eggs, organic plain yogurt, fruits/veggies/nuts/seeds and a tiny bit of soy (mainly tofu). NO refined sugar (I'm allowing maple syrup and honey as needed, in minute amounts). It feels GOOD. Also to drink at least 64oz. of filtered water every day.
John is enjoying his new job at the Smithsonian and we are going to visit daddy for lunch one day soon.
The Maryland Sheep and Wool festival last weekend was fun; I took George. I bought 4 skeins of gorgeous yarn and ate lamb kabobs and popcorn as they are paleo-ish friendly.
Hope this finds you well.

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