Sunday, September 6, 2015


george in his first overalls, with daddy 
Wow, I've been absent far too long! I wonder if anyone reads my blog anymore.

Life with a baby, just ... man you squeeze stuff in when you can (usually during naps). Since I've been working at my new job for four weeks now, that mainly involves feedings, naps, dinner and lunch prep, housework, pumping for the next day's bottles (grandma watches G. during the day), and sometimes knitting and watching either knitting podcasts or Friday Night Lights on Netflix.

sleigh bells of excellent quality from West Music

As we move into September ... my favorite month ....

the crockpot is becoming our best friend again. there is a lasagna sauce simmering in there now.

George turns 6 months old in 10 days! I can't believe it. He is now starting to reach for things, and
"swim" crawling (moving in place like a swimmer). He laughs a lot. He rolls over. I think he's teething sometimes but nothing's poking up yet. He sleeps like a champ, usually waking only once per night, and he takes very long naps. He has used the baby swing on the playground in our development and gone "swimming" with mama in the wading pool. He has begun eating "tastes" of pastured egg yolk and organic apple and organic white grape juice on a salt spoon. Yesterday I bought him a Baby Bjorn toilet (I refuse to use the p___y word, blech) that we will soon start just sitting his naked bottom on every day to get him in the habit. And we are just about ready to break him into both his weaning table (organic rice cereal is ready to go!) and his Tripp Trapp chair (a chair that allows more independent mobility than a traditional high chair). He likes to sometimes "help" with the spoon going in his mouth. It's all happening so fast!

I am working on a shawl and a very overdue baby sweater here and there as time allows. I think in lieu of Christmas gifts that are knitted (save for a couple hats and some dishcloths), I am going to knit FOUR additional baby items for other on-the-way babies in my world. Another year of the baby!! In a couple weeks I will visit the Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival I liked so much last year. I can't wait.

I am on book 6 of the Anne of Green Gables series. Loving it so much. Three more "Anne" books to go! All done while nursing.

We are planning on going to pick a pumpkin with George but that might not be till next month.

That's about all I just wanted to check in. I've missed things here so much!!

enjoy the cooler weather as it comes in!

love and light,

k. xx

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  1. Karen!!! Shari and Abby here from Louisville!!! Congrats on your marriage and sweet bundle of joy! I saw it when you were reaching Abby, what an awesome Mom you would be. Looks like he's a pretty awesome baby too!!!! Love from Louisville!!!