Saturday, March 29, 2008

getting there.

Hi, all ...

Just wanted to quickly update some numbers. Since my first post, this is what I have spent on "crap."

$3.50 at yard sales (we've already covered that one)
$2 on coffee after morning yoga
$8 on movie ticket AND popcorn last night (wow! a cheap seats theater! this was a GOOD outing)
$14 at our school's annual fund-raiser bought me: greens salad, pasta salad, and two slices of cheese pizza, a raffle ticket and a dollar of dimes for the baked goods wheel game. not bad, and the money is for a good cause, the school that i'm investing so much in!
$4 on bagel and coffee breakfast this morning. GAH!!!! i was too lazy to grind coffee. and was kind of in a rush. i need to stop with these lame excuses.

grand total for what, just over a week? of EXTRA SPENDING: $31.50. Not bad, but yes, could be better. For me, it's a grand start! But still ... that's just between $3/DAY. Yikes.

Today was awesome. I got up early for the Obama rally at just-opened headquarters in Louisville. I was one of the ribbon-cutters! Also bought a t-shirt (oh yeah another $20, whoops), and signed up to volunteer. And, at the "Festival of Fun" for our school, got another babysitting job offer. I'm just worried mainly about having the regularity of it all to quit waitressing .... I may stay on at the restaurant till the end of June, then quit just before school starts. I will survive somehow. But I do need to make a "certain" enough amount of cash to pay my July and August rent cause I'm not getting a school pay check in June and July. yikes. A BIG reason for saying "no" to much stuff now.

well, it's off to work tonight, to make money to pay another bill.

i'm aware that all this hard work will pay off on the horizon, which i am just beginning to see.

have a great weekend!

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  1. It's so great that you are really holding yourself to your spending diary! Spending $ in the name of charity, health - like yoga / groceries, and a little to maintain a social life is never a waste.. you seem to want to cut back on spending when you are alone, which is a good goal.. and seems so much easier to control! I'm proud of all of your thoughtful consideration to your money habits, that way you can have $ for the things that really matter to you, future plans, and future schooling! Your dreams are truly within reach! Love, Sarah