Friday, April 4, 2008

short post.

well, after a disastrous week of spending, i'm back here. I don't even want to rehash the details, but at least the purchases did include some very cheap indoor planting items : gnome, metal tin, and tiny shovel. i'm very upset with how i did this past week: but i know coming to the simple life takes longer than a few weeks to achieve entirely. it's hard when you are temporarily sharing a very tiny apartment with someone else and it feels like stuff is just piled on top of you, to not feel truly "home" and to want to get food, or coffee, elsewhere if just for the fresh air. or when you still just can't get it together for the mornings cause sometimes you are too tired at night from working two jobs you just want to unwind. especially when unwinding begins at freaking 11 p.m. argh. hopefully i won't need the waitressing job in the next school year. we'll see. that will also help in my quest to lead a simpler life. i won't have as much ready cash on hand to blow through ... and more time to enjoy quieter activities: crafting, walking, yoga, reading. making dinner at home. taking naps! ah, a few more months to go ...

i'm determined to take pictures soon of the beautiful trees blooming here: magnolias and cherries. magnificent! if only the rain and cold weather we're having would go away ...

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  1. After the past couple days you've had, I'm glad you're being gentler on yourself. We all need creature comforts an an "escape" from time-to-time. I think you are so right, though, that new lifestyles will come in time.. when you truly *have* more time and space to slow things down. I truly believe that this peace of mind - and lifestyle - will come sooner that you know! Good on you for being so self-aware and self-examining, though.

    And for taking the time to stop and smell the.. cherry trees! (my favorite!! so jealous!)