Tuesday, April 8, 2008

clearing the brush from my path.

I've been somewhat ashamed to post here recently, due to choices I've been making because the "simple life" is not yet second nature. Which at face value is fairly ridiculous, because we're all making the slow transition -- it actually did take Rhonda, my favorite blogger, many many years before she got where she was going, fates bless her -- to a healthful, less-stressed
(for cash and time) life.
So here is my valiant effort, on official record, to begin again.

Today was a getting-back-to-basics day, in many ways: a great meeting on my progress at the school. I feel as if for the first time in my life, I am not afraid to stay planted somewhere for a while. Ironically, that's liberating. From what, I'm not sure. The pressure I put on myself to find the right thing? Who knows. Also, today I took a three-hour adventure, most of it walking. It wasn't to a very nice park, strewn with litter and flooded with water, and the road there had no sidewalk and i shared road space with semis and blowing horns, but i did get a nice lunch i'd packed of watermelon and a peanut butter sandwich with orange marmalade. yes, i picked some of that up at whole foods today. i've always wanted to try it. i find it fairly bitter and it doesn't match so well with PB ... hm next time, with cheese, maybe?

As much as I find myself wanting to rehash those silly, unecessary purchases of mine, I won't digress. I will only look forward. We all slip up ... after all, this is a lifetime we are trying to reverse! I only hope I can be as amazing as Rhonda and SouleMama when all is said and done. Creating a happy, simple life surrounded by color and the smell of freshly baked bread. After all, life is about simple pleasures. I'm glad I'm learning this so early, as they always say "youth is wasted on the young" and I believe they are right!

In the past week, I have made the acquaintance of someone wonderful who I believe has serious potential to provide quite a partnership for me, the likes of which I've never come across before. I'll leave it vague for now. We are meeting as friends and that's essential. But my soul is astir .... this could be ... well .... we'll see. : )

Tomorrow, I am going to visit the local zoo, and also bring a lunch to eat with me there. Should have today's perfect weather again, then rain the rest of the week. What is it with myself, vacations, and rain?!

things that have made me happy lately: elephants. new music. wind chimes. pottery. the company of friends. restorative yoga. walks. gorgeous weather. reorganizing my upstairs. saving $100 toward my Alaska trip.

be well, friends. namaste.

p.s. One thing I learned in yoga class this week was whenever you hear a bell tinkling (even if it's the bell in your car reminding you to wear your seatbelt), it's a good opportunity to bring yourself back to the present moment, and focus on just your breathing. a good, deep breath, even, in and out. be grateful for it, and for your life. what a great and simple way to slow down!


  1. wow, karen, just reading this post, i feel calmed, feel learned, and feel extremely happy for this path you're on!! sounds like you are finding your heart's content. it's so great that you are feeling that you have all you need for true happiness. while it might be hard work to stay on - always is (just today i found myself joining the ranks of the catty and gossipy, ugh) keep lettin' the horns blow & angry masses go by and bask in the sunlight. :)

  2. Isn't SouleMama's blog awesome?... I just found it recently through her flickr photos of her craft studio and I was so completely inspired to fix up my own studio. I'm still working on it, but I feel motivated to make it a really special place where I can't help but feel inspired when I'm in it. And your blog is reminding that I really need to simplify my life again. I feel like I've branched out in too many directions at once and my limbs are all tangled trying to figure out what to do next. Have you ever gone to a meditation group? I use to go to them at college and it helped me so much to simplify... probably very similar to the benefits of yoga. Bells were a very important part of the meditation sessions.