Friday, March 21, 2008

It's gorgeous out today

Ugh. Got my period yesterday. Can't believe how little energy I have. It was so hard to stay ahead of the kids at school today. Any good remedies besides ibuprofen, girls? I do try to eat more flax during my period ... but I need something besides tons of water to help get rid of those nasty hormonal-induced headaches.

I'm going for a short walk tonight with a friend and her dog. It'll be nice to be out in nature with the weather like it is today ... feels like the 70's!!

happy easter to those who celebrate it ... I'm going to make my own "celebration" day if the weather cooperates by finding a nice park to walk/read/lounge in. For me, it's a rare entire day to myself! Maybe I'll cook something up, too ....

peace to all ....

p.s. Introducing a new cat to the apartment this weekend. I'll update soon!

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