Saturday, March 22, 2008

saturday's musings

Never made it for the walk yesterday. Fell asleep, much-needed before babysitting.

Today I shopped at Whole Foods, and only spent $27. Record-setting for me. Then I went to two local markets for a few more items. I bought Kentucky-made cheese (I live in Kentucky), and juice in a glass jar. I am glad to see glass items making a resurgence. Now ... if only those stores would re-fill them ... The second shop I stopped in had bulk spices and I bought a whole thing of thyme for $.90. yay!!

I have not bought "crap" for a few days ... and am proud of myself. It's hard to change your mindset.

I am hoping to soon, very soon, quit the babysitting and subsist on after-school child care/babysitting/housesitting alone. This is scary but I think it's just about time ...

rainy and gloomy here today in Louisville. hopefully i'll have a short walk nonetheless before work tonight.

hope tomorrow can be spent in the park, but the weather is not looking promising ... however i am getting the new cat, so ... something else to look forward to!

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